Today's News

  • Cattle killed by train at the Waccasassa River

    By Toni C. Collins
    Levy County Historian
    A hearing was held before the County Court of Levy County on May 7, 1877, on the case filed by Willis R. Medlin against the Atlantic, Gulf and West India Transit Company Railroad.
    At issue was the recovery of the cost of one cow and one four-year-old steer killed at the Waccasassa River trestle by the locomotive of a train traveling to Bronson from the Cedar Keys.

  • Refuge volunteers assist archaeologist at Shell Mound

    By Pam Darty
    Refuge Ranger

  • Weight Management Support Group

    Please join us at the Cedar Key Arts Center either Friday mornings at 9 a.m. or Monday evenings at 6 p.m. for an  ongoing, very low-stress, low pressure weight management group.
    We are doing a little art directive (no, you don’t have to be an artist) and  having a goal setting/discussion.
    If you are managing your weight in a healthful way and neither need to lose nor gain weight, please come and share your experiences with us.
    There is no fee required at this time.
    For more information, contact Alexandria Zettler at awz08@my.fsu.edu.

  • Community Calendar for the week of April 19


    Rally round Cedar Key
    Cedar Key is one of the nominees for the Ultimate Fishing Town through World Fishing Network.com (WFN). Now is the time for all you fishermen, guides, restaurants and accommodation owners to share your pictures and videos, so the rest of the world can see why Cedar Key should be the Ultimate Fishing Town. Follow this link: www.worldfishingnetwork.com/uft/town/cedarkey-fl.  

  • Gopher tortoises move slowly through ‘spring training’

    Like a baseball player stretching muscles and practicing skills during spring training, the gopher tortoise is emerging from winter dormancy and moving slowly and steadily through the landscape in search of greenery to eat and a new place to dig its burrow.

  • Community sheds blood to save lives

    The LifeSouth bloodmobile visited Cedar Key on Friday, April 13, and it was a lucky trip as the staff kept busy taking donations at Cedar Key School and City Hall.
    Bloodmobile staffer Marc Cooper tells frequent donor Jim Taylor of Cedar Key to be careful in the hours following his gift of a pint. This was Taylor's 70th donation, equivalent to 8.75 gallons.

  • EVERLASTING: a look at Cedar Key’s aquaculture

    On the evening of Saturday, April 14, Cedar Key had a elegant affair called “Cedar Key Everlasting”. The focus of the program was the new Cedar Key Everlasting: The Story of Shellfish and Aquaculture in Cedar Key, which is a well planned out and attractive publication.

  • Tides for Cedar Key starting with April 12

    Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
    /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

    Th 12 Low 1:00 AM -0.1 7:09 AM Rise 1:28 AM 67
    12 High 7:44 AM 2.5 7:57 PM Set 12:17 PM
    12 Low 12:38 PM 1.6
    12 High 6:26 PM 3.5

    F 13 Low 2:08 AM 0.2 7:08 AM Rise 2:17 AM 56
    13 High 9:04 AM 2.4 7:58 PM Set 1:18 PM
    13 Low 1:53 PM 1.7
    13 High 7:44 PM 3.2

  • Kingfish increasing; redfish still biting

    Well hey folks, I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend. I actually stayed off the water for family time and because it blew its tail off. It was nice cool weather, to say the least.
    We have this dark mixture of water blending into our area. To the best of my knowledge, its some river run-off. And a lot of help from lots of northwest winds. It doesn’t seem to be affecting our fishing any, just makes the water not as pretty.

  • Scott signs road bill

    Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill April 6 that will name three different sections of Levy County roads for residents who died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the state Department of Transportation will be creating the signs to designate the roads and setting official dedication dates.
    The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Leonard Bembry (D-Madison), was unanimously approved  by the Florida Legislature during the session that ended on March 9.
    To be honored with road designations are: