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  • Shark News for the week of 3-10-16

    A Trip around the World: Coming soon to a theatre near you

    Heather Sikes

    Shark Correspondent

  • Lecture on digging into CK past

    This Saturday, March 12, at 2 p.m. the Cedar Key Public Library lecture series takes a look back with an update on the Lower Suwannee Archaeological Survey by Kenneth E. Sassaman of the University of Florida.

    After six years of investigations, the Lower Suwannee Archaeological Survey has made good progress in its effort to document the pre-Columbian history of the greater Cedar Key area.

    Most of the effort this past year has been directed towards Shell Mound, a 1,500-year-old civic-ceremonial center, and its associated mortuary facility at Palmetto Mound.

  • Dogan Cobb dead at 105

    Staff Report

    Dogan S. Cobb, fondly known as "the Boss” and beloved for his public service and devotion to his county, Levy County and the Town of Bronson, died on Sunday, March 6 at the age of 105.

    Visitation was held by the family at First Baptist Church of Bronson on Tuesday afternoon and funeral services were at the church on Wednesday, March 9.

  • Green business of the Month

    By Tom Deverin

    This is the first of a series of monthly articles that highlight the efforts of businesses in Cedar Key with regards to recycling and sustainability. The first business to be highlighted in this series of articles is THE MARKET. The Market is such an important part of Cedar Key, without it our island would be a food desert with a very limited food choices. We need to support our local businesses or as the saying goes “use it or loose it”.

  • Honeymoon cottage popular hangout

    The Thomas Honeymoon Cottage, the most photographed spot in Cedar Key is no longer recognizable as storms have battered it.

    But the birds find the pilings and remnants of flooring a good spot to hang out. 

  • Put on your tin foil hats for this conspiracy theory

    I don’t care what the three scientists said at last Saturday’s panel discussion which cause the mass evacuation of thousands of birds from Seahorse Key in April 2015.

    First rumors said it was a bad spring storm, but the scientists said we have them all the time.

    Then it was the poor raccoons turn. That story had my mother-in-law asking, “What have you got against raccoons?”

  • Birds new home needs protection

    The birds who have abandoned Seahorse Key, the largest bird nesting spot along the Gulf of Mexico Coast, have a new problem at their home on Snake Key.

    Protection. While they had it at Seahorse Key during the nesting season, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge is moving to establish a similar 100-yard perimeter around Snake Key to protect the birds that moved there in 2015 ‑ especially if they return this year.

  • Shark News for the week of March 3

    FFA Week comes to a close

    Savannah Howard

    Shark correspondent

  • Snook reopened in Gulf state waters this week

    The recreational harvest season for one of Florida’s premier fish  —  snook  — reopens on March 1 in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico state and adjacent federal waters, including Everglades National Park and Monroe County. The season will remain open through April 30.

  • Captain's Log: It's a time of transition on the flats


    Finally March has arrived, and so many changes will occur this month.

    Let's hope spring comes in like a lamb and not a lion. Personally, I have had all the cold fronts that I want, though they did set the stage for some really good airboat trips.

    The biggest change is going to be be water temperatures. We are starting off the month in the upper fifties, which have made most fish very lethargic. But increasing daylight and weaker cold fronts should bring our gulf water into the seventies by April.