Today's News

  • Stick around for the flush

    The flapper on a toilet in a seldom used North Central Florida Housing Authority office in Cedar Key a big surprise when it opened up its water and sewer bill for 86,460 gallons of water from the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District.

    The authority usually has a bill for 27 gallons of water and sewer service at $20.26.

    This latest bill was $1,222.50. That's $639.45 for water and $583.05 for sewer.

  • Water board battles pump problems

    Murphy's Law is in full force when it comes to the Cedar Key Water Board & Sewer District pump motors of late.

    First it was the pump on Well No. 3 that went out on June 22. But Well No. 4 was supplying the water, so no worry. A new pump was ordered for No. 3 at a cost of $1,844.

    But before that pump could arrive, the shaft on No. 4 broke on June 29.

  • Jumping for the fourth of July

    A fun day was had by all, but especially the kids when it came to the 1st Old Florida ClamFest held in City Park on Saturday, July 4th. The children started off the day with a clam digging contest, then moved on to a Duck Match, the Clam Sack Races and inbetween cooled off on water slides.

  • Family day brings people together

    Levy County Department of Public Safety employees took time out to build comradery on Saturday, June 27.

    This is the fifth year Director Knowles has worked with staff to provide time for crew members to relax and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about receiving emergency calls.

    The event helps bring employees and their families together for food and fun. This year, members gathered at the Cedar Key Beach where Director Knowles provided a water slide for the kids and adults to play on.

  • Florida 4H kids learn the art of fishing

     During summer break, many kids from throughout the County participate in the Florida 4H camping program led by Mr. Albert Fuller.

    The program helps develop life skills in youth through experiential education. This week’s 4H group was a smaller than usual, group of 97 kids aged 8-16. The students were learning fishing skills at the Public Safety Complex (PSC) on Monday, June 29. Mr. Fuller contacted LCDPS Director David Knowles for approval to fish out of the pond located in front of the Public Safety Complex. The kids had a great time catching several fish.

  • My first trip to Cedar Key

    My daughter, Donna Leeward and I were showing in the Spring Art Show in Cedar Key this past March. When I looked at the old Island Hotel I was getting a strong feeling of déjà vu.

    In my mind I was going back 59 years to my first trip to Cedar Key. It was funny because at that time I didn't even know where Cedar Key was.

    One day out of a clear blue sky my dad asked me, "How long has it been since you had turtle steak?"

    Well, I guess it was at the Green Turtle Inn, halfway down the over-seas highway to Key West.

  • County OKs sex offender restrictions

    A last-minute plea invoking God failed to move the Levy County Commission as it unanimously passed new restrictions on where sex offenders and predators can reside and move about.

    The plea was made by Vanessa Thomas of Williston in a public hearing on the ordinance that limits residence to no more than two sex criminals at a time in a home, and bars the home from being located near places where children gather and limits offenders and predators from being in or loitering in areas where children gather.

  • More funds needed for mental health, drug counseling agency

    The head of Meridian Behavioral Healthcare says her agency is seeing an increase in the number of patients in Levy County who are under age 5 and that 25 percent of the patients they treat are school-age.

    In addition, she said the agency has seen a 26 percent increase in the use of its service in the acute care programs-emergency screening, inpatient crisis stabilization and detox.

  • County's finances in good shape

    The county's auditor, Martha Garcia-Baker of Carr, Riggs & Ingram, told the Levy County Commission that its finances have been given the best grade possible but it needs to be aware that General Fund expenditures are more than General Fund revenues.

    However, the commission has no worries, Garcia-Baker said, because it has money in other funds that can be shifted to pay the bills, so the county is not running in the red. “We had the money to cover it,” said Commission Chair John Meeks of Bronson.

  • Mark Johnson moves a few blocks away

    Mark Johnson is leaving as director of Emergency Management to take a job as an emergency planner for the Department of Health in Bronson, moving just a few blocks away.

    On Friday, the Emergency Management Department hosted a farewell party for Johnson, who shared part of a huge cake with Undersheriff Brett Beauchamp.

    Johnson will be replaced in the interim by John MacDonald, his assistant director, and Letha Keene, emergency management planner.