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  • County settles with landowner over concert injunction

    The property owners of a site east of Williston that was to host a Labor Day hip hop concert have reached a settlement with Levy County that would dismiss them from a preliminary injunction that halted the event.
    The Levy County Commission sought and received the injunction on Sept. 2, the day before the event was to be held, after approving the action at an emergency meeting earlier in the day. The commission said the concert organizers had not applied for or received a permit under the county's music entertainment and festival ordinance.

  • Hunters tell FWC what they want

    Staff Writer

    People came from as far as Inglis and Gainesville to attend a public meeting about deer management held at the Tommy Usher Center April 1.
    Many said they came to find out about the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s plans and express their feelings based on what they learned at the meeting.

  • High water prompts concern over mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes are expected to be bad this season, and county officials are urging residents to take precautions.
    "I think it's gonna' be a monster," said Levy County Director of Parks and Recreation and Mosquito Control Matt Weldon about the swarms of biting insects he predicts will be an issue during coming months.
    Florida, with about 80 known species inhabiting the state, is no stranger to the mosquito, but recent rains and rising temperatures guarantee the problematic pests will be out in droves.

  • Restrictions, road closures announced for festival

    With the 50th Annual Spring Arts Festival just around the corner, organizers wanted to remind Cedar Key businesses and residents of the following restrictions and road closures.

  • Community calendar (Week of 4-10-2014)

    Amateur radio club forming
    A new amateur radio club is forming in Levy County – The Gator Amateur Society. Interested parties should go to www.w1gas.com  for  further information. The club will have monthly meetings and offer classes to prepare you for your first amateur radio license, as well as upgrade testing for those already licensed.
    If you do not have internet access, please call 352-528-0992 for information.

    Exhibits opening today

  • A return to the fine arts

    By Bev Ringenberg
    Special to the Beacon

  • Scent of a Scandal
  • More becoming upset with Valdosta sewage spills

    Concerned citizens in the Tri-County Area are asking for a boycott of Valdosta, Ga., following  a recent sewage spill that is just one of many since 2009.
    "They should have fixed it the first time, and if not the first time, then the second time," said Levy County resident Natasha Allen Monday in a phone interview. "I want them to feel it in their pocket book," she said, adding that she hopes people traveling through Valdosta will avoid stopping there for gas or food.

  • Suwannee River Fair sets record

    You will have to pardon the Suwannee River Fair Association Board if they are doing a “Dance of Happiness.”
    They can celebrate a great year for the 4H, FFA and other youth who sold 341 animals on Wednesday, March 19, and set a new sales record.
    The “kids” raked in $854,802.95. Last year's sales were $731,690.96.
    All the bidders who got together and “purchased” the pigs and steers, can also do a little “Dance of Happiness,” too, as they ponied up the cash.

  • Bone hunter gives update on Nature Coast digs

    With an eye toward the seas, archaeologists working in the Nature Coast continue to make haste in understanding ancient cultures in the area before it's too late, and all that work against the clock is starting to pay off.
    "The goal of our project, among other things, is to salvage the archaeological record," said University of Florida Archaeologist Dr. Kenneth Sassaman Saturday to a group of about 50 people gathered at the Cedar Key Community Center. "After five years, we're starting to accumulate a pretty robust record."