Today's News

  • Unwanted and lost animals crushing shelter

    Levy County’s human population was 40,801 in 2010 according to the U.S. Census. And while no census is taken of our pets, according to a calculator on the American Veterinary Association website, that means an estimated 5,728 households own 9,165 dogs and 4,771 households own 10,012 cats.

  • Eagle Scout award

    Patrick H. Hathcox Jr. Was awarded Eagle Scout on August 1st at Manatee Springs State Park. 

  • Gone Fishing

    Fishing in Cedar Key is a good way to spend the summer.

    These fishermen gear up to cast their lines off the pier.

  • Keep up your guard for West Nile virus

    By Brad Buck


    While Florida has never experienced a serious West Nile virus epidemic, UF/IFAS scientists caution the public to remain vigilant about this dangerous mosquito-borne illness.

  • CFEC declares ‘dividend’ for members

    For the first time since the recession hit in 2008, Central Florida Electric Cooperative will be paying its member owners Capital Credits for the year 1987. Basically, the money represents the net margin — difference between the cost of operating the system and debt payments and revenues it has collected.

  • Cedar Key Welcome Center cuts hours

    The Greater Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce has announced that the Welcome Center will now be open fewer days.

    The new Welcome Center hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Mondays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Center will be closed on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Leslie Valen, chamber executive director, said in the notice, “We may resume more days open once the busy season gets going.”  

  • Don't forget to stay hydrated on the water

    Hello fellow island and fishing folks. Today we are gonna talk about some serious situation that can and may happen while fishing in the summer in Cedar key or any other body of water.

    As I started my trip at daylight last Saturday it was super hot as I started gathering bait I started to sweat immediately. There was no wind at all and which caused my skin to leak ALOT!

  • Near-world-record Suwannee bass caught

    By Bob Wattendorf


    Ferrol “Roscoe” Holley, Jr. (52) from Telogia had the honor of releasing a near-world-record Suwannee bass into the 9,200-gallon aquarium at Bass Pro Shops’ Tallahassee store. On June 26, Holley caught the Suwannee bass while fishing with his new Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier rod/reel combo on the Ochlockonee River. The fish initially hung up on a snag. When he saw it, Holley knew it was a huge Suwannee and not a more common largemouth bass.

  • Snapper season reopening

    The fall Florida state waters red snapper season is reopening soon.

    Earlier this year, the state season went from May 23 to July 12 and federal waters were open from June 1-10.

    The fall season will open for all of Labor Day weekend, Sept. 5-7, and finish with Saturdays and Sundays throughout the rest of September and all of October, with the last day of harvest on Nov. 1.

  • A reminder about new deer hunting regulations

    Ten new Deer Management Units (DMUs) were established in hunting zones A, B and C, each with their own unique set of antler regulations and private land antlerless deer harvest days. Similar changes were approved last year for northwest Florida’s two DMUs in Zone D.

    These new antler regulations are for all lands - private, public and wildlife management areas - so it’s important to identify which DMU you're hunting and learn about its antler regulations and private land antlerless deer harvest days.