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  • Browning seeking election

    To all my Levy County friends and family:

  • Scott Dennison announces his candidacy

    To the voters of Cedar Key, I want to express my sincere thanks to allow me to represent you on the Cedar Key City Commission the last four years. I ask for your consideration if you vote early, ballots are available now, or when you vote on May 8 at Cedar Key City Hall.

  • Gopher tortoises move slowly through ‘spring training’

    Like a baseball player stretching muscles and practicing skills during spring training, the gopher tortoise is emerging from winter dormancy and moving slowly and steadily through the landscape in search of greenery to eat and a new place to dig its burrow.

  • Community sheds blood to save lives

    The LifeSouth bloodmobile visited Cedar Key on Friday, April 13, and it was a lucky trip as the staff kept busy taking donations at Cedar Key School and City Hall.
    Bloodmobile staffer Marc Cooper tells frequent donor Jim Taylor of Cedar Key to be careful in the hours following his gift of a pint. This was Taylor's 70th donation, equivalent to 8.75 gallons.

  • EVERLASTING: a look at Cedar Key’s aquaculture

    On the evening of Saturday, April 14, Cedar Key had a elegant affair called “Cedar Key Everlasting”. The focus of the program was the new Cedar Key Everlasting: The Story of Shellfish and Aquaculture in Cedar Key, which is a well planned out and attractive publication.

  • Scott signs road bill

    Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill April 6 that will name three different sections of Levy County roads for residents who died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the state Department of Transportation will be creating the signs to designate the roads and setting official dedication dates.
    The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Leonard Bembry (D-Madison), was unanimously approved  by the Florida Legislature during the session that ended on March 9.
    To be honored with road designations are:

  • Novel about pain pill addiction hits home

    Special to the Beacon
    Roxy Blues is a fictional story based upon the lives of real people.  It is the story of two ordinary people who live in Cedar Key and the impact that an extremely effective pain killing medication has upon their lives. 
    Roxy Contin overtakes a husband and wife's life and becomes an addiction.  This is a novel about what could happen to any of us, writes Pierce Kelley the author, an attorney in Cedar Key.

  • Conservation Corner: For the love of composting

    By Donna Thalacher
    Wintertime Cedar Key resident
    I probably got started into composting for the wrong reason. In Iowa, John and I live on the Des Moines River and I love to garden.  As the years have passed, my flower beds have both grown in size and number, including a rather large wildflower bank meadow.  And if that isn’t enough, once the grandchildren started arriving, our fruit and vegetable gardens started growing as well.

  • Cedar Key and UF marina workshop set

    The City of Cedar Key will hold a public workshop on April 26 at 6 p.m. at the Cedar Key Community Center, 809 6th Street, to review and hear presentations from the University of Florida (UF) Marine Construction graduate students. All Cedar Key residents and businesses are invited and encouraged to attend.
    The UF students and faculty invite everyone to an early “meet & greet” reception starting at 5 p.m. at the Cedar Key Community Center.

  • Panhandle Lighthouse Challenge: 5 lighthouses, 2 days

    On Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., Florida’s coastline from Pensacola to St. Mark’s will step back into maritime history by staging the second Lighthouse Challenge.
    Five lighthouse: Pensacola Lighthouse, Cape San Blas Lighthouse, Cape St. George Light, Crooked River Lighthouse and St. Mark’s Lighthouse will be open to visitors.