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  • Shark NEWS for the week of February 13

    FFEA sells carnations

  • Wilderness with a capital ‘W’

    In 1964, Congress “got it”.  Our nation’s leaders were making intelligent, selfless decisions that advanced the condition of America.  President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act on July 2, 1964; prohibiting discrimination in public places, providing for the integration of schools and other public facilities and making employment discrimination illegal. Then on Sept. 3, for all the American people and wildlife for generations to come, public lands were put aside to remain forever wild by the Wilderness Act. 

  • LIONFISH ‘A plague that can be managed’

    Venomous invaders from the South Pacific and Indian oceans are in the Cedar Keys area to stay, according to a scientist from the University of Florida.

  • That call from CFEC likely a scam

    The Levy County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the Central Florida Electric Cooperative (CFEC), is urging all CFEC customers to be aware of a scam operation.

  • Beacon columnist, Cedar Key on national fishing show

    Cedar Key Beacon fishing columnist Capt'n. Danny Allen and his hometown are the starts in a nationally televised show on the Pursuit Channel and NBC Sports Network on Feb. 12 and 26.

  • Rothbard to lead summer program

    The Cedar Key Arts Center announces Jessica Rothbard as its selection of coordinator for its summer art program. 

    Rothbard, a degreed art teacher, will be heading up a team of volunteers to make the summer art program a success. The fundraiser at the Community Center was the site of approximately 100 local citizens who dined and participated in a silent auction and raffle to further the aims of the Cedar Key Art Center. Many thanks to all who participated. 

  • ‘Vibrant, Voracious, Venomous’

    The University of Florida IFAS Extension and the Cedar Key Friends of the Library invite the public to attend the following talk – LIONFISH: Vibrant, Voracious, Venomous – to be held Saturday, Feb. 8, beginning at 10:30 a.m., at the Cedar Key Public Library’s Meeting Room on 460 2nd Street.

  • ‘Dolphin study still needs years of research’

    An ongoing Cedar Key dolphin project is revealing a few new discoveries and, as a result, is leading to more questions, according to Stefanie Gazda, a University of Massachusetts doctoral candidate in charge of the study.

  • Atheists lose first round

    The Williston Atheists group's request to erect a granite bench monument on the Levy County Courthouse forum between the courthouse and the State Attorney-Public Defenders offices was unanimously defeated by the Levy County Commissioners due to flaws in the group's application. 

  • Kenny McCain named National Wildlife Refuge System Employee of the Year

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Kenneth McCain, federal wildlife officer  at Lower Suwannee and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges in Florida, has been chosen to receive this year’s Employee of the Year award from the  National Wildlife Refuge Association.