Local News

  • About the drones

        They operate much like radio-controlled airplanes, with a human sending a signal to guide these sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles. 

  • Saw palmetto berries - Levy County's new cash crop?

    You may have noticed orange berries on your saw palmettos that are turning black, and in some cases drying up. What on earth could they be used for?

  • Kayakers make donation

    Despite a nonexistent turnout for the Hidden Coastlines Paddling Festival event,  a different group of kayakers from the Jacksonville area came to town two weekends ago and left after donating money to a local charity.

  • Area resident loses home, property in fire

    Cedar Key’s Volunteer Fire department was the first on the scene at a fire last Thursday, but there wasn't much they could do for the property owner, according to Fire Chief Robert Robinson.

    The property, located at 5850 S.W. County Road 345 and owned by Al Lewis, was destroyed by the fire, Robinson said. Nobody was hurt in the blaze, but Lewis lost his home, a shed, boat, tractor and at least one car. The woods on the property were also burned and Robinson said live ammunition was exploding in Lewis' home.

  • Drones to patrol Cedar Key skies

    Residents in Cedar Key may look up into the sky in 2012 and spot drones flying overhead — similar to the ones used last week to attack and kill the alQaeda leader in Yemen.

  • Suwannee the manatee returns home

     The little manatee, nicknamed Suwannee, who was injured by a boat near Suwannee, has been returned to his home on Wednesday, after some R and R in Tampa. 

  • Coastal CleanUp

    Depending on how you look at it, the fact that 83 volunteers showed up (compared to 50 last year) to help pick up trash was a good thing. However, the fact that there was enough trash to keep 83 people busy - not so good.

  • Maple resigns from tourism council

    An aggressive marketing plan for the upcoming year is in the works, in an effort to bump up the number of visitors to Levy County, as well as, raise revenues to encourage even more to spend a few nights on the “Nature Coast.”

  • Bank looks to honor teachers

    Do you have a favorite teacher? If so, you can nominate that person for a chance to win $250 and two-night stay at Beacher’s Lodge in St. Augustine. There will only be one winning teacher from Levy County.

  • City adopts budget

    Just as the fall hunting season began, the annual hunt for ways to cut operating costs in the city ended with the expenditures actually being 2.5 percent more than the previous year.