Local News

  • Wild Florida

    Wildlife spotted in Cedar Key earlier in the month.

  • Seahorse Key Artist in Residence announced

    The Cedar Key Arts Center (CKAC), Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory (SKML), and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) are pleased to announce that Carroll Swayze, of Englewood, Florida, has been selected as the 2016 Seahorse Key Artist-in-Residence.

  • Cedar Key recycling program saves money

    A recent Conservation Corner column was about the successful results of the curbside recycling program in Cedar Key. It stated that the City of Cedar Key had saved about $70,000 over the past five years due to the recycle program. Besides the benefits of diverting 1,100 tons of recycle material from a landfill and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2,000 tons, the City of Cedar Key saved money.

  • Bronson concert gets commission blessing

    The Country Music Fest & Mud Bog Races being held at Bronson Speedway on Oct. 16 and 17 got the green flag from the Levy County Commissioners after businessman Robert J. Nichols satisfactorily answered questions about overnight camping, alcohol sales and security.

  • Sheriff pays for inmate insurance

    Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum said he has paid the premium for inmate health insurance that skyrocketed from $51,000 a year to $152,000 and he hopes he will not need more money in his budget from the County Commission.

    The sheriff said he has had a number of vacancies in his operation, including being short dispatchers, deputies and detention officers, and those unpaid salaries in last year’s budget helped pay this year’s premium.

  • Yankeetown confronts issue of sea level rise

    By Pat Faherty

    Special to the Beacon

    In the summer of 1992, Yankeetown made national news when the New York Times published a story about the rising sea level affecting trees.

    The potential impacts of a rise in sea level have long been a topic in this coastal community, which is nearly half water and wetlands.

    Tuesday, the Town of Yankeetown Planning and Zoning Commission will hold its first public hearing on the language for ballot questions to amend the town’s comprehensive plan to address sea level rise.

  • Taste of Cedar Key draws crowd

      The taste of Cedar Key had restaurants scrambling as two car clubs and a large crowd of people strolled into City Park and like a band of locusts ate everything in sight.

    Although the event was to last from 11 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., many of the vendors were packing their utensils and equipment and leaving at 1 p.m.

    And those who remained open until the end of the event had slim pickings.

    While the humans were enjoying the live music and food, many brought their dogs to enjoy the al fresco dining.

  • Pirates everywhere
  • It's raining on this fishy parade

    Rain, rain, go away! Let's bring ya' back another day.

    Boy this has been a wet week so far definitely some fall type weather. After the spring we had it would be nice if the weather patterns returned to a so called normal.

    As we move forward wet days and cool air should be a big part of October and it should give way to some darn good fishing. And most days will be really nice temperatures for being outside in general. Our redfish bite will stabilize some and the trout bite will increase.

  • Artist of the month

    The October Artist of the Month at the Cedar Keyhole in Cedar Key is mosaic artist Marsha Schwartz.

    She employs Venetian glass, pique assiette (broken china) and found object techniques to create her works, often combining the three mediums in one piece. Her art is original and colorful, using this ancient technique in new and interesting ways.