Woman’s Club needs help supporting troops

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On Tuesday, Nov. 19, the Cedar Key Woman’s Club will be filling holiday themed “Support Our Troop” care packages. The contents of the packages and the cost of postage is donated by CKWC members and members of the C.K. community.

We need your help in acquiring names and complete military titles and addresses for this outreach of the CKWC. Please contact your churches, the school, friends and family to get the information needed to send the care packages.

All deployed troops from the Cedar Key area should get a care package from the CKWC. We want them to know that our community supports their efforts and sacrifice.The troops are slowly returning to the “good old USA” but we do want to send a package to those who are still away from home for the holidays.

Please help: make some phone calls, spread the word – get us the information we need to make this outreach to our military personnel a great success.

CKWC has been Supporting Our Troops since 2002 and sending care packages – costing over $4,000 just for postage. Monetary donations are accepted, please contact: Eileen Senecal Chairperson for the SUPPORT OUR TROOPS program of the CKWC.For more information, you can e-mail: roleen1@att.net or call 352-543-9850.