Will an angry god destroy America?

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The world sees the United States as having a weak government. They ridicule us for our debt. We are an absolute nothing in their eyes.

The following may seem disengaged from that conclusion, but try it on for size.

The energy department did an audit of Solyndra and stated the company would run out of money by this September. Washington was well aware of this, yet put $535 million into the company for political gain—not for economic income.

And our law says no more taxpayer money would go to Planned Parenthood, but Obama just gave them millions.

Unions and high taxes have sent our jobs oversees—companies such as Boeing may soon follow.

Only China has a cash flow, and it’s our money repairing and rebuilding China’s roads and bridges and businesses. And we keep printing money with nothing to back it up.

Our debt wall, where we can borrow no more money, could be reached by July, 2012.

And to add to that joy, every time we try to give away Israel’s land we see more and more floods, fires, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and erupting volcanos.

Our poverty rate is the lowest since 1993, and we are facing a famine because of drought, floods and fires. There are no more crops. Oh yes, China has bought all the wheat.

Does it sound like there’s no hope? There’s only one: that we return to the Christian nation we once were and as we began. God will forgive us and heal our land. It’s our choice. Many times in the Bible, God changed his mind about destroying a nation. Read Matthew Capter 24.

Elaine Padilla