What weather is best for fishing?

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By Danny Allen

Welcome folks, to this week’s confusion, I mean weekly Cedar Key fishing report and forcast.
My fishing week started Wednesday morning. As I entered town, the rain was passing over and things were looking good. My party showed up, some pretty cool new folks from Newberry - Mr. Larry,  Mrs. Christie and Trevor. We loaded up and headed north a bit.
As we got near my spots, Mr. Larry started to joke about how thick the fog was looking up yonder. We all knew there was no fog, but rain it was. For two hours we fished in the rain on the back of that freeze front while the water temperature was 56. And ya know what, we did pretty darn good considering.
Here comes the funny part: as the weather straightened up and the water temps rose, the fishing got tuffer. Yep, you read right - harder than in gummy weather. That’s why I always answer the question: is the fishing better when its raining or with the front or after or when its good weather? Yeah, exactly, that’s the question I get asked. And I know folks think I’m taking the easy way out when I say, “it just depends”. Ha-ha, just don’t seem like a good answer for that question, but its so true.
As I entered last weekend’s trips I would’ve never guessed Wednesday would be the best bite. See, what I’ve learned over the years is to not get all worked up if it’s slow, cause ya just never know what you’re gonna get from Mother Nature. One thing’s for sure, I sure do like the feeling of “cracking the code” when you get a slow bite, to fire off.
We fished for four hours and had several short trout, no reds and one keeper trout. I told the group in a joking conversation that we would for sure catch dinner. Well, at that point, we had a ways to go. After I went inside and outside creeks and then fished all my regular spots that I worked earlier in the week. When that wasn’t working, I went waaaay back into mental notes. Long story short, we boated seven keepers and more shorts. Dinner is served. Man, that was close though.
As I received reports from friends later, we were top boat by far for the day. Out of eight boats, we had double the keepers. Most never caught one. Hard work - and lots of gas - paid off.
Well folks, that’s all I got. See y’all out there.


Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.