What do you know about Thanksgiving?

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Revelations from our youngsters

By Ada Lang

 I recently visited the Cedar Key School and interviewed kindergarden and firstgraders. This resulted in some interesting revelations - namely: 


No. 1 Kids know more about Thanksgiving than you might imagine — especially what they are thankful for.

No. 2 Boys are not really interested in telling you what they know about Thanksgiving — especially when you are cutting into their recess time. Most of their answers were followed by: Can I go play now?

When asked how to cook a Thanksgiving meal, there were a variety  of answers. Where to start?

“I have no clue. I am only six! I only cook eggs,” said Mikey, 6.

Taylor, 6, was more specific, “Mom helps me. We put the thing in it that goes round and round like a little clock. Then we take out the turkey and start eating!”

She did go on to say that she hates “the way the turkeys are made. ... don’t like the skin on the meat. ... I hope it gets better this year. I want a better turkey.”

One can only hope.

Tatyana, 6, was dressed all in purple, for “purple day.” She can only cook carrots (with no seasonings) and helps her nanny with making the cakes and cupcakes. She did take a guess on how cook a turkey. Her suggestion was to “open it, stuff it, put it in a pot and cook it for 15 minutes. Maybe 12."

Gabriella, 5, knows that brisket “is yummy” and you “cook it in the microwave, I think, for 6 or 7.” Apparently, they don’t eat turkey at her house.

Jyri, 6, made it very clear that you cook the turkeys “on the oven, not on the stove.” He helps his mom “put sugar and pepper” on the turkey and cooks it for four minutes.

Brett is an early learner. At age 5 he knows that you cook a turkey for “100 minutes or 90” and when I asked him how hot the oven is, the answer was: “A lot!”

His friend, Zander, 5, agreed in theory, but experience tells him that you cook it at “62 agrees” for an hour.

Things got interesting when they were asked what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Tatyana is thankful for her new baby sister, although her mom “hasn’t had her yet,” but says she will be here on Jan. 10. She is also thankful for her new brother and daddy.

Izzy, 7, is thankful her family and her dog Aiden and cats, Rosie and Littleneck.

Family and pets were a common theme, with Alie, 6, being thankful for her “normal dog” Buster. However, “the other Buster died”, as did Webel.

Morgan, 6, is thankful for her parents and brother, plus butterflies and her dogs, Daisy and Clover.

Tori, who is 5 going on 6, is thankful for her “eight grandmas”.

Jyri is “thankful for people in a big town helping people in a small town and all the town and the world that need money and food and water.” Even more so, he really appreciates “people who help with train tracks.”

Megan, 5, is only “thankful for my mom.”. She was asked “Only your mom? Not your Dad and Annie?” Apparently not.

Last, Allie was thankful for “Momma and Daddy” and her “Garama, City”, her friends (all of them) and brother John Henry.

So, you see, it is not hard to find something to be thankful for this year.