Water looks like tea, but those hungry redfish don’t seem to care

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By Danny Allen

Hello fellow Cedar Key folks.
Hope everyone is successful at finding ways to stay cool.
Our water has gotten another dose of river water. A couple days of northwest winds pulled it around the corner to us.
We now have tea for water as of now.
As you head southeast it clears up a bit.
The clarity doesn't seem to mess with the fishing much,  just not the prettiest scene.
Redfishing remains the same: scattered but successful. A few oversized fish are most of what is being caught in the lower to mid 20-inch range. Twenty four seems to be the average big keeper.  
Folks, I have a few tips for ya’ this week.
Fishing on the gulf is a very salty situation—lots of fun and lots of work.
The work comes from corrosion of boat and motor and also trailer parts.
Now for the boat its mostly in the wiring corrosion spray, and shrink-wrapped wires are a big help.
You can even spray under the shrink wrap—before shrinking of course. Now the motor needs a fresh water flush after every use.
And a nice soapy rinse. Make sure to hit the trim and pivot points real good.
Now for the trailer. Change the bearings every year, but add grease to them every month.
It’s a great practice to know what size replacement bearing kit you need, and keep a spare.
There's nothing like having it go out with no shop or parts store open.
Also, extra bulbs for the tail lights. They are hot when dunked in water, so they blow all the time.
Hope these tips help or at least slow down destruction. Ya’ll keep it salty!!
Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.