Warm weather is a challenge

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By Danny Allen

Hello everyone. We have a big week here in lil' 'ole Cedar Key. Independence Day is always a good time in the key: lots of folk, lots of fish, lots of flashing lights and lots of family time – all great reasons to spend time near the Gulf Coast and with the key- life-way of thinking.
  Our fishery is holding a true summer pattern. Let me explain. Typical summer fishing sees a rise in water temps. As the rain slacks, the fish slack. We just saw a prime example last weekend with a dry week that spiked the water temps to 90 degrees up from the low 80s. It was enough to put a different attitude in our fish. Every captain buddy I know saw the repercussions of the heat.
  Some changes I've seen with the heat that are good is more small fry baits and some threadfin bait pods. That bait will usually be followed by tarpon and sometimes new schools of redfish pulling in from the deeper waters. Those, my friends, are all good things.
We had a few shots at Cobia this week, but we just couldn't close the deal. So as we are about a month off, we are finally getting there.
I wanna' remind everyone that the Eliteredfishchallenge.com will be in town again this year. We are holding our weigh-in at The Raw Deck at 3: 30 p.m., July 12. We will have a drawing at the end of the  weigh-in and will have performance fishing shirts, Costa sunglasses, hats, fishing tackle, sun protection items and hopefully a weekend stay in Cedar Key. We invite y'all to come watch a live redfish weigh-in and listen to some music and meet some of our guys, pick their brains and maybe win a raffle item. Good times will be had.
Folks, y'all enjoy our town this week, but, most of all, stay safe and stay salty….