Voracious reader scores perfect on FCAT

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By Ada Lang

Book publishers can’t keep up with Heather Denton, 14, who plows through piles of books every week. But, she is prepared and has a “pretty big collection of books.”

Denton is the one of three students from Cedar Key School who received a perfect score on their FCAT reading test and she can “blame” her family for the habit. The seventh grade student (beginning eighth grade in the fall) remembers how “grandma would always read to me when I was little,” beginning around age four. Deaton quickly became addicted, but, there is no known cure. Luckily, “English is one of my strong points,” says Denton. She even read Harry Potter in the first grade.

The school requires that students read four books every nine weeks. Between the school library, the public library, her older sister and friends, she has her hands on a book all the time — for school and for pleasure.

Currently, she is reading the “Pretty Little Liar” series and is on volume seven of the eight books. It is a “scandal / mystery” series that she began early this year but she tends to jump around to other books and come back to where she left off.

When she is not reading for fun, Denton babysits and enjoys softball or she helps her little brother, Willie, 6, with his first grade reading flash cards. Sounds like little brother may wind up with the same habit as his big sister.