Visitors need restrooms, too

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If Cedar Key depends greatly on visitors’ spending, why are visitors denied access to public restrooms?  

Last Saturday, I brought three children from Gainesville to fish on the pier.  The pier was filled with many sight seeing and fishing visitors.  The police locked the restrooms at 6 p.m. when the pier was filled with people.  

Yes, I know the bars have restrooms but I am sure it’s not the best practice to drag children and family in to use restrooms, when not a customer.  

Why - if the pier is for public use and bathrooms must be furnished in public and business locations - are visitors being denied the use of the restrooms on the pier, when visiting or fishing in the evening or night.  

Chiefland is a long way to go to wash fish bait off  your hands or to take children to the restroom.

Sheri McLeroy