Two survive crash landing in Cedar Key

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By The Staff

A twin engine plane carrying two people crash landed at the Cedar Key Airport Saturday afternoon. Neither the pilot, Mathias H. Ejegaard, 24, nor the passenger, Ezekiel G. Andrews, was injured.

Bill Tseko of Inverness told police that the plane attempted to land, pulled up and did a fly by, then attempted to land again, touching down about 3/4 the way down the runway. The plane skidded 355 feet before stopping in the saw grass.

Pilot Ejegaard said that a cross wind struck when he was coming in for the landing, according to the police report. Additionally, the pilot reported that the landing gear light would not activate for the front landing gear.

“It was equipment and pilot error,” said Cedar Key Police Chief Virgil Sandlin.

Cedar Key firefighters responded but no fire occurred. According to the police report the front landing gear was not in the upright locked position and the plane received damage to the propeller. The plane was moved by crane to the north side of the runway Saturday night.