True Faith: What's your definition of marriage?

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By David Binkley, Sr.

"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral." (Hebrews 13:4 NIV)

Our political senses are almost numbed to hear various news pundits ask candidates to define marriage. Our first reaction is, what a dumb question - doesn't everybody know what a marriage is! For sure, it is a sign of the times when men and women who aspire to lead the country or serve in a legislative capacity are expected to pontificate on their moral definition of marriage. Isn't it rather amazing that people cheer whenever a public figure announces that he or she believes "marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman." What is so great about just stating the obvious? I thought everybody knew that a marriage is between a man and a woman! Can it be any other way?

We sadly recognize that some citizens in our country have taken matters into their own hands. They are breaking the sacred bonds of matrimony by entering into legal contracts with persons of the same sex. They have the desire to deceive the public into believing that this unnatural relationship should have the same honor as we have for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Some of our American states are even giving legal recognition to such contracts. Their actions are further designed to bring about a new way of social thinking and acting. In order to accomplish such an evil goal, these social change agents will need the full backing and support of schoolteachers, professors and the entire spectrum of pedagogy around the country.

Followers of Jesus Christ must make difficult choices on how to live in harmony with laws enacted by the country where we reside. When laws of men come into conflict with the greater and eternal Law of God, then we must respectfully decline man's law and obey God. Consider Daniel chapters three, where the three Hebrews, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to fall down and worship the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar. In addition, recall in Acts chapter four how the apostles Peter and John received orders not to teach anything at all about Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Their strong reply indicated that while Christians are to have respect for the laws of the land, when those laws conflict with God's law, we must choose God's law over man's morally inferior law.

The foundation of true morality is the eternal Spirit of God that teaches us love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. A person who accepts Jesus as Lord agrees to live according to God's leadership. Jesus teaches his followers, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." (Matthew 5:44)

Astoundingly, there are some churches and other religious organizations in America that are taking the view that Christians must show God's love to those practicing homosexuality by turning a blind eye to their sinful behavior and placing them in prominent positions before their congregations. When children grow up seeing openly homosexual people in places of honor, then they will conclude that this is not only normal, but is a desirable life style. God's people must take a stand with God on the matter of same-sex marriages and all other evil lifestyles regularly paraded before our children on movies and TV as normal and proper behavior. Do we run the risk of sounding "holier than thou" and overly pious? No doubt about it, and we will surely come under much criticism for speaking out against these immoral changes in our laws to suit the evil desires of certain people.

We do not show love to members of our family by turning a blind eye to their bad behavior. We want to shout at them when they lie, cheat, steal, get drunk, or are unfaithful to their marriage vows. We expect our spouses and children to live as respectable people in this world. To believers in God, this means honoring marriage between man and woman. Let us do everything possible with our words and deeds to keep holy matrimony - holy. Bible believing preachers must continue to uphold God's word as the last word with respect to all matters pertaining to marriage. There is no place in the Bible that justifies or excuses homosexuality. Even if society legally recognizes such unions, Christians must never give mental agreement to this diabolical change that displeases our powerful and loving God.

The argument is made sometimes that homosexual people also defend our country, pay taxes, and serve in various civic capacities. Obviously, many of our neighbors do not agree that the Bible is the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God. We love them as our neighbors and fellow compatriots. But the people who founded this country were brought up by the Bible and its teaching. Therefore, our State and Federal statutes are heavily influenced by the righteous standard of the Word of God. Long ago God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their evil behavior. The modern world is once again trying to make evil good and good evil. (Genesis 18, 19) No matter how hard we try, we cannot make black look white or white look black. What the Bible calls an abomination is evil. And what the Bible reveals as the righteousness of God, is good.

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