Truck wreaks havoc on yard and oak tree

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By Ada Lang

An automobile crash Friday night left a path of damage starting on Dock Street and ended under an oak tree on Whiddon Ave. There were no injuries.


About 12:30 a.m., Saturday morning, Officer Dave Perry said he was clos- ing the bathrooms at City Park when he heard the squeal of tires and a crash coming from Dock Street. He saw a grey pickup truck com- ing from the same direction.

A few minutes later, he said he drove in the direction of where he suspected the truck to be going and came upon a vehicle matching the descrip- tion. It was lying on its side under a large oak tree in a yard between two houses on the north side of Whiddon, he said.

According to Police Chief Virgil Sandlin, the driver, Brian Mattice, 32, of Cedar Key, was out of the truck when Perry arrived. He was questioned, given a field sobriety test and arrested.

Sandlin said Mattice was coming around the curve in front of the Cook residence on Whiddon at about 40 miles per hour and struck a utility pole. He over-corrected to the left and then again to the right, which caused his 2006 Nissan pickup to go onto two wheels and land on its side.

Mattice was charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest with- out violence and refusing to submit to a breath test. Mattice was taken to the Levy County Jail in Bronson.