Trouble in Cedar Key: Our friend Mack

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By Gene Benedict

Mr. Mack was a lot of things to a lot of people. We all knew him as a mainstay of the Cedar Keys.

His works are all over the Keys; his abilities, many; his heart, stern, though warm.

He leaves a legacy for the archives of the town. You can't help but note the heavy yellow equipment that speckled the land on which he worked, the place he called his shop, to your right on your way out of town.

His living went a long way toward building what we now know as Cedar Key. And his passing leaves a hole, a void, not soon to be filled.

He and Thelma built the kind of family that they, and all of us, have grown to admire.

We love them all.

Mr. Mack, his big green truck, his blue bib overalls, red ball cap, dusty leather boots and double, maybe triple, chin are sorely missed. He lives on in our memories. Not soon will he be forgotten.

God bless Mr. Mack.

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