Trees and hayfields? Apples and oranges!

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

As much as I dislike pointing out the obvious, there is such an inappropriate comparison given by Bruce Wilson in his column about recycling(I think that is what it was about) that I had to comment. Trees and hayfields? Apples and oranges.

 While both trees and hay are renewable resources ,hay takes weeks trees take years .I am not sure that I understand Mr. Wilson's point. Fields of grain provide sustenance and shelter up and down the food chain as do forests. I know of no one who objects to tree farms anymore than they do hay fields. How is recycling a danger to either? I need a better argument than developers will swoop in and build strip malls if people recycle to the point of having to use less trees. Is Mr. Wilson saying the new recycling efforts in Cedar Key are useless at best and detrimental at worst? This loud, shrill enviro-waco (sic) needs  to be illuminated.

Ginger Robinson

Cedar Key