Tourism radio campaign funded by CK CRA

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By Kellie Parkin

A twelve month radio campaign to increase tourism in Cedar Key was awarded funding by the Cedar Key Community Redevelopment Agency earlier this month.

The $8,400 campaign features two-hundred sponsorships per month of Chuck Whitaker’s Traffic Team during prime time driving time as well as a daily 15 second message to generate tourism. The Traffic Team is heard in 28 Florida counties from Sarasota to Melbourne all the way north to the Georgia state line. Another 80 one-minute messages per month will air on WGRO. Additionally, both stations will donate public service announcements to inform listeners of special events in Cedar Key.

The radio campaign, proposed by Under Chairman Paul Rimavicus of the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce, is designed to increase tourism on the islands, bringing green dollars that will improve business and raise tax money, according to the CKCC business plan proposal.

“The increased use of our beautiful island will be primarily the passive Green$ tourism that ultimately will improve the ability of our business community to pay the taxes and other supporting means to keep our island as it is,” according to the plan.

The plan estimates that more one million listeners within five hours drive time will hear the messages Monday through Friday for an entire year.

“(B)y funding this advertising campaign [the CRA] is helping redevelop the business infrastructure that produces the goods and services (and taxes) that form the core support for a viable community,” the Chamber plan states.

Funds for the campaign came from Contingencies/Unallocated CRA monies. The balance of the line item is now $78,120.

Quarterly, the Chamber will print 400 survey cards for visitors to fill out with possible information including where they heard about Cedar Key, their zip code, and visit plans, according Greg Lang, Interim Director of the CRA.

The Chamber will be responsible for producing the radio spots, distributing the cards, and providing data and feedback to the CRA to monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, according Lang.