Today in Levy County History

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Montbrook Crate Company prospers

In 1927, two local newspapers, The Williston Sun and The Levy County News joined forces to print a LEVY COUNTY DEVELOPMENT EDITION profiling local businesses and their contribution to the economy.
One of the featured businesses was the Montbrook Crate Company. The company employed 80 workers making it a community prosperity feeder with its payrolls.
At that time, Montbrook thrived on one industry, the Montbrook Crate Company. The company was organized in 1924 when J.T. Flowers, the present owner, bought all the stock in the old Montbrook Veneer & Basket Company.
The plant possessed the best mechanical equipment for the manufacture of truck and fruit hampers. There also was veneer equipment, but the runs of orders on hampers was so steady that Manager Flowers only made an occasional special run of veneer. The plant produced 15,000 hampers a week.
Flowers, who was from Robeson County, North Carolina, took a deep hearted interest in Levy County joining the local Masonic lodge, the Moose Club and the Methodist Church.
In agricultural use, a hamper is a wide-mouthed container of basket work that may often be carried on the back during the harvesting by hand of fruit or vegetables by the workers in the field. The contents of the hamper may be decanted regularly into larger containers or a cart, wagon, or truck.