Time is now for Spanish mackerel on the reef

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By Danny Allen

 Hey everyone. Hope all is well and if it isn't, I hope it gets that way for ya real soon. The weekend's weather was perfect for boating - slight breeze, off and on clouds. No real rain to speak of - just an easy-to-get-along-with weather pattern. 

If anyone is into fishing for Spanish mackerel out on the reef, I was speaking with a few anglers at the ramp this weekend and they said it was pretty good out there right now. 

One guy said the most impressive part is the size; he had five or so that went around 30 inches.  That's some nice Macs. I told him things must be good 'cause, three of my trips I was redfishing and caught a surprise Spanish that hit our baits. All those fish were big, as well. 

So, it may be a good time to head to the reef. Some good techniques for them are chumming and casting jigs or even flies into the chum, as they gather. The other is trolling some edges or any bait fish pods you may find.

This week was a busy and very fun one, as I had a new client from the spring return for four days of fishing. We managed some nice reds each day. David and Georgeann are from South Carolina and love Cedar Key. They left with smiles, some fillets and a game plan to be back in May. 

I also had some new folks from Brooksville. Now Mr. Wes was in Cedar Key before - 1956 to be exact. Yeah, "holy cow"  is what I said to that. It was a total accident then.  They were transporting a boat they had bought from north to south when the motor broke. They ended up at the Island Hotel. 

Being told that the bus would be there on Tuesday (and it was Sunday), they decided to hangout a few days. Tuesday came, no bus. Well, it must be next Tuesday then. Ha ha ha. Can you imagine the good ol' days? 

Long story short, they called a family member to come get 'em, while the boat was being repaired. Here in 2011, their trip was a lot more fun. Mr. Wes and his wife, Linda, went on to boat 25 redfish up to 32 inches.  Now, that's more like a trip to Cedar Key. 

My other new group was a ball of fun and if ya don't think so, check out the picture on the right. It says a few words. Sam and Carol Green own a Fenimore Mill condo, here in the Key, and they decided that redfishing was a must, on this trip. 

And that it was they did, with several doubles hook ups and boated fish up to 30 inches. Sam said he couldn't wait to go rub it in with Andy, at the Island Hotel, and get Jan to whip up something great with the fillets. 

All in all, a good week here in the home waters - the redfish still chewing strong and the mackerel bite good. Grouper bite is holding up. They only thing we are waiting on is the trout fishing to pick up a bit. 

My guess is, this cool snap coming our way may just do it. 

C y'all out there!

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.