Thank You from Scott Dennison

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I sincerely want to thank everyone who participated in our May 8th City of Cedar Key elections.
Thank you for the privilege of serving as your City Commissioner for another term. Continuing the strong partnerships of residents, businesses and our local service organizations, we will deal with the challenges brought on by a tighter economy here in Levy County. Together we will find answers to improve the quality of our lives in beautiful Cedar Key. It is my goal to balance our community needs with the resources we have.
A 71 percent voter endorsement proves that the campaign led by my opponent, that tried to divide our residents from our business community, was not acceptable to the voters of Cedar Key.  It takes all of us to keep Cedar Key neighborly, caring and hospitable.
 Be a part of your local government: if you have not done so- register to vote. Feel free to express your opinions and ideas with your elected representatives and the candidates seeking offices throughout Levy County.  Most importantly attend meetings. Only with a broad spectrum of public participation can our democratic process continue to prosper in Cedar Key. Thank you again to all who participated in our democracy on May 8th in Cedar Key.
Scott Dennison
Commissioner, Seat 2
City of Cedar Key