Supports TNR, Bauers

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I have visited Cedar Key annually for 12 years.  I am supportive of the Bauers and their TNR program. I became aware of it a few years ago. I have always been amazed, and impressed, that these two people have gone to such great lengths personally to do their best to try and curb the problem of the ferals in Cedar Key.  I can’t help but wonder what things would be like in Cedar Key without all their efforts.
I have also seen firsthand that the Bauers are treated like they are a Humane Society of Cedar Key. I am only in Cedar Key for one-to-two weeks per year and I have personally seen people bring dogs and cats and even birds to the Bauers. People know that the Bauers care deeply and will do their best to help. That is because of how caring they are. I love animals dearly but could never do a fraction of what they have.
It angers me that people will just drop off sick, unwanted animals in Cedar Key, specifically with the Bauers. But now they are experiencing great difficulties because of the work and caring they have put in to their town.
I love visiting Cedar Key but it makes me sad and disappointed that two great citizens are being treated so poorly for all they have done for the entire town. Maybe more people who live in Cedar Key should care so much and help!
Julie Toutges
Milwaukee, Wis.