'Super green' project conserves water, saves money

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By Kellie Parkin

The Community Redevelopment Agency’s Reclaimed Water Project, which will use treated water to irrigate the City Park and Marina landscape beds, will be completed this week.

“The project is minor in size, scope and cost,” said CRA Director Greg Lang. “But it says so much about the values of our community and the direction of our Board.”

The Reclaimed Water Project is conservation at its best, said Lang. “It’s a great example of conserving our water resources,” he said. “It benefits taxpayers and the community as a whole.”

Up to this point, the reclaimed water has been treated and injected into the ground near the water tower, going unused, Lang said. This project, a joint cooperation between the CRA, the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District and the Suwannee River Water Management District, gives use to the treated water, allowing for the conservation of clean water, according to Lang. “It’s a strong partnership and we’re hoping to use this as a pilot program.”

SRWMD provided the main funding with a $39,375 grant. The CRA contributed $13,125 in matching funds and additional CRA funds not to exceed $6,875 were also built in to the budget. Monies were used for engineering, permitting, and to purchase and install the concrete slab, water tanks, pumps, fencing, irrigation, lighting, signage and landscaping.

The reclaimed water will be pumped into two 6,000 gallon tanks located on a city owned lot at the corner of 3rd and A Streets. At night the water will be pumped onto the lawn of City Park and onto the landscape beds in City Marina.

“We also hope to eventually hook-up the restrooms of City Hall, the fire department, City Park, and the pier,” he said. “This is super green – it stops the use of potable water for irrigation.”