Summer Shark: There and back again

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By Lindsay Edmunds

In my previous article, I wrote about my family's journey to Pennsylvania, and all the places inbetween. Now you will find out about the journey home.

If you ever get the chance to visit Ocean City, N.J., going on the boardwalk is a must. However, this isn't the type of boardwalk made solely for a leisurely stroll! The boardwalk has lanes classified for joggers, bicyclists, surrey riders, and pedestrians. This is a boardwalk where, if you don't stay in the lane designated for your method of transportation, you could get a glare and an angry point in the right direction from a runner. Aside from that, I was enjoying the familiar, easy going style of the beach so much that I had to be virtually dragged away from the shore by the rest of the family when it came time to leave.

After leaving the beach, we went back to New Hope to reunite with some old family friends, and had an outstanding time.

Before beginning our trek back toward the south, where it's normal for someone to order sweet tea with every meal, we toured through the maze of New York City. While in the city, we went to the top of the Empire State Building, which was an amazing experience, and of course the view was amazing, as well!

We viewed other major points of interest from the comfort of the car, which proved to be the best way to see all the sights from Harlem to Ground Zero on a very warm afternoon. We also got to experience the electrifying atmosphere of Times Square. The effects of September 11th were evident everywhere you looked. Giant cement barricades blocked roads and protected buildings like the New York Stock Exchange in the Financial District. Not to mention the gaping hole the size of 12 city blocks where the World Trade Centers once stood.

Next, we visited Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we spent part of the day in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Of course, before we entered the museum, my cousin Marina and I had to run up the steps to jump up and down and pump our fists in the air like Rocky! We also viewed the Liberty Bell and saw Independence Hall.

After completing our city excursions, we began to reluctantly make our way towards home. As we went farther south, accents changed, the word "y'all" came back into conversations with locals, and the temperature rose from a chill 64 degrees in Willis, Va., to a scorching 99 degrees as we crossed into the state of Florida - quite the welcome home present!