Summer Shark: On the road again

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By Lindsay Edmunds

My family's annual road trip has begun, and the adventures and experiences that come with traveling into the unknown are cropping up accordingly.

Our first stop was in Fernandina Beach to visit with family. After touring the beautiful Amelia Island Plantation, we began our trek north, which has been a beautiful sight to see. The beauty began when we arrived to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and toured the stunning Bodie Island Lighthouse. Later we drove to Kitty Hawk, N.C., the birthplace of flight. While in the area, we took advantage of the experiences offered in the Wright Brothers National Monument Park and listened to the story of the Wright Brothers, as told by a knowledgeable park ranger.

The majority of our time on the road is usually spent on smaller country back roads, so we hardly ever spend time on the interstate. However, to get to our next destination, Washington D.C., the interstate seemed the best choice. So, instead of having farmlands or interesting scenery to remedy my boredom, I was forced to resort to perusing the license plates of the cars surrounding us. In just a short time, we had counted the plates of 38 different states!

When we finally arrived in D.C., we got our first taste of chaotic city life when we spent half of an hour driving through downtown in search of our hotel. The hustle and bustle of both traffic and pedestrians was a prominent contrast from the laid back, easygoing style of Cedar Key. The taxi ride was an experience unto itself! I think our driver must have been aspiring to a career in NASCAR.

We covered all the main attractions in D.C. during our stay: we viewed the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and toured several Smithsonian museums, as well. One of these museums harbors the only two-sided DaVinci painting in the United States, which was very impressive.

After brushing elbows with the political world, we drove further north to Pennsylvania to visit with family. We spent a few days in their home in New Hope, then followed suit in the migration to the shore. As of now, I'm on my fourth day of rest and relaxation on the beach of Ocean City, N.J.