Streets and utilities project update

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Directional drilling has started

For the next two weeks, the contractor will be installing
water mains and lines using a method referred to as directional
drilling. This method is used where open trench construction
would be damaging to driveways, infrastructure,
heritage trees, etc. Directional drilling requires only two
small trenches - one at each end of the section that is being
The depth of the directional drilling is controlled by the
drilling operator, allowing the new line to be installed with
adequate clearance to other underground pipes, cables and
tree roots. When the drill operator completes a section of
drilling, the water main is connected to the steel drill shaft,
pulled and drilled back through the original shaft.
There will be short interruptions in water service as water
lines are temporarily shut down and new lines are connected.
Street reconstruction and paving in the downtown residential
area is projected to begin in mid-November.
The direct number to the CRA office is 352-543-6539, if
you have any questions or concerns.