Storms make fishing a challenge

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By Danny Allen

Storms, sun, rain, storms, more sun, more rain, then more rain. Oh, and water spouts, can’t forget them. My question is, when are “we”, the fishermen, gonna get a break from this cycle? It’s been cramping our style but it’s beginning to get flat old.


We kicked it off Sunday with the best bite in weeks only to watch the storms roll in and spouts run us off our spots to return to a totally different wind direction and muddy water. It is what it is, but long story short, come on fall fishing – we are ready for you.

Redfishing is improving slowly, the trout are still just scattered, but as we cool off they will become easier to locate. That’s the good news. Bad news is: as the water clarity stays off, the catfish are an issue. We have boated more catfish this year than I can remember. The drum are still around, just about a third as many as early summer. They will move a few more out, then the resident fish will be what’s left.

They will return in full force in the spring as every bar will be covered with the gentle giants.

As far as the offshore world, the reports I’ve seen are: deeper the better – start at 60 ft. and go out till you get ‘em. The shallower stuff have fish on them, but lots of red grouper.

Our bait population did double inshore in the last week, lots of mullet and the bigger ones as well, before most of our mullet were small ones. But that could be partly to blame on the storms. Lots of times they will run to the rivers or inside a creek then pop back out when they’re ready to.

Friends, that’s all I have this week. Do what ‘ya do, but stay salty.