Special interests are robbing Levy of its water

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Levy County home owners, when Gov. Scott was campaigning, he promised to bring 80,000 new jobs to Florida. What he really meant was he was going to bring 80,000 cows to Florida to finish off the springs and rivers.

To make sure his plan would work, he agreed to help the cattlemen with taxpayer dollars. Taxpayers helped with new wells and rotary water systems, as well as part of the move.

Levy County, one of the only counties with enough water and area to accomplish this, gets the lion’s share of these cattle. Levy County’s expense: losing all it’s springs, rivers and some home wells. The current administration in Tallahassee and locally are bought and paid for by cattlemen and dairy interests.

Levy citizens, enjoy your dried up springs, polluted river and dry wells. The Suwannee and the Santa Fe are becoming no more than sewers for the above interests. When our springs and waterways are gone, do you think tourists will come to see our cows?

The phosphate industry is also a great contributor. 

Must we supply the state and the world with limerock, phosphate, electric power, beef and dairy products? When the water is all gone, where will you go?

Save our rivers and springs!

James Martin