Sour attitude creeps in on constant wind

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Fishing Report for Nov. 10, 2011

By Danny Allen

Wind, wind, and, oh yeah, more wind. That's the report for the week.

It seems that the wind has just decided it would blow every day. Y'all have to excuse my sourness, but it’s kinda’ cramping my style a bit.

And the grouper guys, man, hey let's open the season for a month or so. And what happens almost the entire time is 20 to 25 knot winds. I'm sure the beloved protected goliath grouper will keep the grouper catching covered for the offshore guys—until they get a chance to get out.

Ok, I'm done crying.

Now I did go out fishing Sunday for a bit. It was blowing like a hurricane out of the Northeast—'bout 20ish. The tide was most of the month. As December gets all goofed up, but we managed some nice fired off, the creek mouths will be hot. I would expect that trend to get better as we go into November.

The outer bars will have fish on them for trout. And I did notice them to be shifting in more than my last day out. I don't have much for y'all on the redfish since the tides have been so messed up. The last two days, I fished water that was low and dirty. Hopefully, after this week it will settle and we can do some fishing. Folks, that does it for me. C y’all on the salt!

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