Sometimes I Wonder……

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By BEV Ringenberg
‘Don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder if the
little bit I try to do to “reduce, reuse, & recycle” can really
make a difference. With so many of us in this world can we
really stop the drain on our natural resources? Is there really
any hope?
But then, something little happens and my optimism
returns. This time it happened when I was paging through
my new 2011 “At-A Glance” Calendar (yep, I’m still stuck
in the dark ages of the 20thCentury). On the last page I
found these facts (quoted verbatim) as reported by the
American Forest and Paper Association:
More than 56% of the paper consumed in the US during
2007 was recovered from recycling (an all time high)
In total, 54.3 million tons of paper and paper board products
were recovered last year in the US, approximately 36
pounds for every man, woman and child in the country, up
from 233 pounds per person in 1990.
The amount of paper being recovered far exceeds the
amount sent to landfill sites. Every ton of paper that is
recovered saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
Enough paper was recovered from recycling last year to
fill 130 Empire State Buildings
Since 1990 when the paper industry establish its first
recovery goal to advance recycling in the US paper recovery
has grown by more than 87%
So, there you go, together we can make a big difference -
- and maybe, just maybe there is hope.