Shell Pile garbage and “mermaid blue” double wide dominate Commission meeting discussion

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By Ada Lang

At the Cedar Key City Commission
Tuesday night, Commissioner Heath Davis
reported that he had spoken to some of the
users of the Shell Pile boat ramp about the
ongoing garbage problem and he had “no
good news” to report.
The dumpsters at the site have been filled
with items that cannot go into the landfill with
the regular garbage — tires, construction
debris, etc. The tipping fees for those particular
dumpsters greatly exceeded what was budgeted
by the city. However, there seems to be
no motivation for anyone to take on the task of
changing the behavior of the people using the
After some discussion, the commission
reached a consensus to the dumpsters, since
the bulk of the problems began when they
were brought in to replace the smaller garbage
cans. The commissioners made clear that the
next step will likely be to close access to the
ramp to boats if the abuse continues.
Bruce Wilson, Cedar Key resident and
owner of Sunset Isle RV Park on State Road
24, spoke to the commission about the questionable
structure he had placed at the front of
his property. A couple weeks ago, what
appears to be a commercial doublewide was
brought onto the site and placed on pilings that
are roughly 30 inches above grade.
There is some question about the structure
being placed below the base flood elevation in
a FEMA V-zone. Walt Brown, the building
official who issued the permit will be meeting
with Wilson, staff and the city attorney to discuss
the options for Wilson and the building.