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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Cedar Key Volleyball Faces Big Competition

By Chloe Reynolds

On Thursday, Sept. 22, the JV volleyball team won two games back to back against Hawthorne. 

The girls’ excitement from their win followed them into the next week’s game, giving them an extra confidence boost to get them through another double header. 

On Sept. 29, the girls faced a team they had never played before - Hilliard. 

After watching the opposing team warm up, Cedar Key realized just how great they really were. 

By the end of the first match, the Sharks had kept the score with Hilliard’s and were hoping to win the next one. 

Little did they know what the Hilliard girls would pull out of their sleeves next. The team began to serve harder, volley with more accuracy and spike faster. 

Number 24, as shown in the photo, intensified her spike and sent the Sharks a surprise.