Shark News for the week of May 24

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Middle School Survivor Day


By Chloe Reynolds
Shark Correspondent
Every year, the middle school teachers host a Behavioral Reward Day for the students who have stayed out of trouble all year long. The day’s events are based off of the popular TV show “Survivor”.
The activities include, dividing into tribes, painting faces, racing, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and challenges of all kinds. This year’s Survivor Day will be held on Tuesday, May 29.
 Student Ben Wilson said that, “Last year’s Survivor Day was great! It was the funniest thing I’ve ever done at school!” Student Walker Emerson also agreed saying, “It was the fun and adventurous!”
Middle school teacher, Kim Bishop provided that, “The kids always have fun. This is an incentive for them, they are on their best behavior all year in hopes that they will get to participate when the day comes.”

Senior Spotlight: Stevie Smith

By Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondent
Stevie Smith, mostly known as “Stevie Smallz”, is the son of Gene and Donna Smith. Stevie was born on Sept. 19, 1993 and has attended CKS for 13 years. During those years, Stevie has been active in SGA.
Stevie’s favorite thing about CKS is how well everyone gets along and how friendly people are. Stevie’s favorite teacher and class is Mr. Brad’s World History class because his classes are the most interesting and Coach Brad is laid back.
After graduation, Stevie plans to join the service and go in the Coast Guard or the National Guard. In ten years he sees himself living in Hawaii married to his wife and having a few kids. He says what he will miss most is “seeing his friends often”, once he moves away he’ll lose that. Stevie’s fondest memory of CKS hasn’t happened just yet; he says when he graduates then that will come true.
Stevie’s favorite food is the classic cheeseburger. His favorite book is “Fallen Angels” by Walter Dean Myers.
His brother, Brant, has inspired him the most throughout his school years. Stevie says, “Brant has always supported my ideas and pushed me to do what I want – like live in Hawaii.” The one thing Stephen would do to change the world would be to teach people to stop hating each other and reduce war.
Stevie Smith’s last word to Cedar Key School is nothing more than a happy “Goodbye”.

Senior Spotlight: Courtney Daniel
Whitney Tyler

Shark Correspondent
Cedar Key Senior Courtney Christina Daniel will be graduating alongside 10 of her classmates after three years of attending Cedar Key High School. Called “Thuggie C” by some and Courtney by others she is the child of Keith and Melissa Daniel.
Born on September 12, 1993 Courtney’s favorite food is ribs and mashed potatoes and her favorite books include Beach Road by James Patterson and The Picture of Dorian Gray.
 When talking about Cedar Key School, Courtney says her favorite memories were class with Brandon Register.
Courtney’s favorite teachers included Mrs. Bailey, “She has always been there for me”, and Coach Brad, “He has taught me a lot and he’s really funny.” Courtney has participated in FBLA during her high school years at Cedar Key and Spanish with Coach Brad was the class she most enjoyed at CKS.
Courtney’s fondest memory of CKS was Stephen and her “Mashed Potato Man.” Courtney says that after she graduates the thing she will miss most about high school are her friends.
After Graduation Courtney plans to go to college to pursue her acting career, and in ten years sees herself sitting in the front row at the Oscars between Kevin Costner and Ryan Gosling. Upon being asked if she could change the world, what she would do, she replied: “I would end world hunger, and help all those in need.”  
People who inspire Courtney include “My Nana, Uncle Ken, my sister and Papa Earl.”
“Without my dad, mom, and my sister Ashley I wouldn’t have gotten this far. My family is my world, without them nothing would matter.” Courtney says with a smile.

Gary McIntyre: Senior Spotlight
By Lauren Bartholemy
“Gary is Gary. He is a great friend, and I can always count on him. He?always makes me laugh, and there is never a dull moment.” This is an?explanation of Gary Antonio Spain McIntyre, from his close friend?Stephen Bainbridge. The two have been best friends for eighteen?years. They grew up together sharing adventures and stories. Gary is?the son of April McIntyre and Gary P. McIntyre. He was born December 21?1993.
Gary has been attending Cedar Key School for fourteen years. Gary’s favorite class is science, and he all his teachers are his favorites, “for teaching me all these years.” He has played baseball, basketball, and soccer.
After graduation Gary plans to go to college and enlist in the military. The thing Gary is going to miss most about high school is all the fun times with his friends.
Gary’s favorite book is Old Yeller. Gary’s love for food has made it too difficult to pick one favorite, simply stating he loves “everything”.
Gary’s step dad, Big Gary, is someone who has inspired Gary through life. In ten years, Gary sees himself as a warrant officer in the Military. If Gary could do one thing to change the world he would change the speeding law to go as fast as you want.  
Gary has had a great 14 years here at Cedar Key School, and has one message to convey to his friends, “Even though we are all going different ways in life, we should all keep in touch and remember all the good times we’ve had.” Cedar Key wishes Gary good luck, with his life after high school.

Cedar Key Science Gets Prawn
By Taryn Epperson

Shark Correspondent
Cedar Key School is full of aquaculture projects, recirculation systems, hydroponics, aquaponics, and the newest… Giant Freshwater Prawns.  Our new high school science teacher, Mr. Raymond Powers is in charge of this project.
Mr. Powers grew giant prawns before on a much smaller scale, when his students at Bronson High raised 100 baby prawns in a classroom aquaculture system. The current Cedar Key School operation is growing 2,400 tropical fresh water prawns. The tiny PL’s (post larvae) are only about ? inches long and arrived by UPS from Texas.
Marine and Environmental Science classes have been setting up for the arrival of the new “pets “all year.  All funding for the baby prawn project and other recirculation aquaculture systems included in the project were provided by the “Splash Grant” for water conservation by the South West Florida Water Management District.   The goal of this project is to demonstrate water conservation and urban small scale farming using recirculating aquaculture.  
Every aspect of this project can be replicated and made at home with materials found in local stores, making agriculture affordable and easy for everyone.  
  The prawn are currently being grown in  a 300 gallon tank, but as they progress in size, and get more territorial as they get older they will be moved into several tanks ranging from 150 gallons, to 300, and eventually a 700 gallon tank. Each tank requires some netting inside the tank to provide more surface area for the baby prawns to crawl around on.
 Mr. Powers said, “These Prawn are not only delicious, but they are huge. A typical adult prawn may be 8 to 10 inches long. It’s great that the Southwest Florida Water Management District partnered with us on this project. We could not have done it without their funding support.”
The baby prawns will spend the summer in Mr. Powers’ home aquaculture system and then return to CKS for “grow out” in August.

FFA Awards Banquet and Celebration
Taryn Epperson

Shark Correspondent
The Sixth Annual Cedar Key FFA Awards Banquet will take place Thursday May, 31; dinner will be served at 5 p.m. followed by the banquet at 6 p.m.. Please join us for a celebration of our accomplishments. Everyone is welcome, if you intend on coming please RSVP by phone or email. (352)-339-2034 or voylesd@levy.k12.fl.us.  Hope to see you there!

Mikayla Pope

Shark Correspondent
Another senior event is on the horizon! Baccalaureate will be hosted by the First Baptist Church of Cedar Key this Sunday May, 27.  The event will begin at 6:30 with Pastor Todd Pope leading the ceremony.
Pastor Daniel Carswell from the Church of Christ will be giving the message. The seniors will participate by reading aloud scriptures and saying a few words about their fellow graduates.
The night will be wrapped up with a gathering in the fellowship hall of the church for refreshments gathered by the First Baptist community. The night will be full of tears and smiles as the seniors grow closer and closer to Graduation day which will be held in the gymnasium the following Saturday, June, 2nd 2012.