Shark News for the week of May 17

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Students Excited About Middle School Dance

By Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondent

The annual Junior Beta Dance has arrived! This Friday, May 18, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.  all the middle school students as well as the freshmen at Cedar Key School are invited to the event. The theme for the evening is Disney Adventures and the club encourages all who attend to "find their inner Disney character." There will be Disney snacks including pumpkin pie and apples referencing to the popular princess stories Cinderella and Snow White. When the clock strikes 10 the dance will be over and everyone should be all danced out.


AP Tests = Nervous Students

By Chloe Reynolds,
Shark Correspondent
To high school students across the nation, the most important test is the SAT or the ACT, next is possibly the end of course AP exam. An Advanced Placement class is the equivalent of undergraduate college class and if, at the end of the year the exam is passed, the class counts as a college credit. Throughout the year, teachers rigorously prepare the students with large amounts of work. College Board, the creator of the SAT, creates all AP exams which expect the student to be at the level of an undergraduate college student. On Wednesday, May 16, all students in the US and Canada will begin taking the AP Language test at 8:00 in the morning and end at 12:00 in the afternoon. Here at Cedar Key School, students are anxiously preparing for their exams.  English teacher, Lauren Adams has prepared her AP Language class of three students to the best of her abilities in the best hopes that they will pass. She commented that, "It's a rigorous course and I'm proud of my students who have put forth their best efforts. I wish them the best of luck!"

Boys vs. Girls

By Whitney Tyler
Shark Correspondent
Last Thursday the Varsity Boys Basketball team and the Varsity Girls Basketball team played against each other for a fundraiser for theVarsity Girls Basketball Shoes. This the first year that the two basketball teams played against each other in order to raise money and both teams want to make this one of Cedar Key’s many traditions. The game was played whole heartily and player Lauren Bartholemy comments, “It was a fun experience that we definitely want to repeat again andit had a very good turnout.”  The bleachers were filled as though it was a normal home game with fans cheering for both teams. The overall score was 36-17 with the Varsity Boys winning.

High School Science
Hosts Pen Pal Day

By Taryn Epperson
Shark Correspondent
Last Friday, Cedar Key’s first and second grade students met their pen pals from Chiefland Elementary for the first time after writing back and forth for several months. The annual pen pal day was hosted by high school students in marine science and biology. The aquaculture lab was set up with fresh and salt water ecosystems; sponges, shells, freshwater prawn, turtles, sharks, cnidarians and all the fish. The group learned all about the organisms that live right here in Cedar Key. They spent time with each group of high school students educating them on all of the animals. The elementary students also had a walking field trip to Joe Rains Beach where they saw and learned about more aquatic plants and animals. Mr. Powers, Cedar Key high school science teacher said “This was my first Pen Pal Day here at CKS and it was a wonderful experience. I was so proud of how the high school students stepped into the role of teacher and shared their knowledge of our local aquatic animals with the second graders from Cedar Key and Chiefland. They were patient, knowledgeable, and friendly, everything a good teacher should be. I also enjoyed getting to watch and listen to the excellent questions the younger students asked. It was a great day and I look forward to doing it next year."

Senior Spot Light:
Brandon Register

By Lauren Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent
Dropping a beat and rapping is something that comes easily to senior Brandon Justin Register. He is often seen with a group of students sitting around him as they sing and make music during lunch, breaks, and any other spare moments he gets. He has written many songs, going and recording them in a studio to create a demo. 
He has also rapped for the Cedar Key basketball teams at the pep-rallies, with “Where My Sharks At?” and is planning on rapping at his own high school graduation. “B” or B.Rythmz, as his friends call him has attended Cedar Key High School for 4 years, and added rhythm to the school the moment he arrived. Brandon is the son of Mary Whited and Chris Whited. He was born Feb. 1, 1993. 
His favorite class at this school is English because of his love of poetry, and anything else that has to do with literature. 
His favorite thing about Cedar Key School, is the one on one attention he gets from his teachers, which he didn’t get at his old school in Jacksonville. Brandon’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Lauren Adams, the high school English teacher and Coach Brad Penny, the high school history teacher, because of their patience as they teach. 
Brandon has participated in three different sports while in Cedar Key- basketball, track and field, and baseball. He is going to miss his friends and all the social activities the school offers when he graduates. His fondest memory was when he performed at the pep rally. “It was my first ever performance and it was like breaking out of my shell.”  
Brandon plans to go into the military after high school, as well as explore his musical opportunities. In 10 years he sees himself at the Grammy’s accepting the many awards he received-best music video, top male singer, etc.  Brandon his hoping to have a song on the Gainesville radio in a month or so. The people who have inspired him are Tupac and the Dixie Chicks. Brandon’s favorite food is chicken, because of his love of every type of chicken, and the fact that he couldn’t narrow it down. If Brandon could do one thing to change the world he would create world peace. Cedar Key High School bids their adieu to Brandon as he graduates and accomplishes all his plans. Good Luck, B. Rythmz.

Senior Spotlight:
Miranda Fanelli

By Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondent
Miranda Fanelli, also known as Fanelli, Pooks, or Mernda, is the daughter of Todd and Tracy Hamp. Born on Aug. 17, 1993, and attended CKS for 12 years, since the 1st grade.
During those years Miranda has been active in Art Club and FFA Middle School Chapter.
She loves how small Cedar Key is. According to her, “It’s a very welcoming place to grow up. I love how everybody knows everybody.”
Miranda’s favorite class was art; she says in art class she learned how to express her feelings more. She also was an aide for the class and enjoyed helping the little ones do crafts.
Ms. Debby, the art class teacher, was Miranda’s favorite. She says “Ms. Debby always inspired her to just be herself and not let anybody bring her down.”
After graduation Miranda plans to go to school somewhere and become a certified nurse’s assistant. Afterwards she plans to work hard to become a registered nurse; she hopes to work in a nursing home.
In 10 years from now she sees herself working at a nursing home but she does not know where she will end up. She says only God knows what’s in store for her future.
She says what she will miss most is the people that have prepared me for life and “I will miss the friends I have gained.”
Miranda’s fondest memory of school was getting Prom Queen. She says, “It was very unexpected and it showed me how many friends I truly had even though I didn’t see it. I am blessed!”
Miranda’s favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite book is “Behind the Looking Glass,”  “Whispers in the Dark” and the Bible.  She says her church friends encourage her to keep going further in life and remind her to never take the bare minimum.
The one thing Miranda would do to change the world would be to make everybody free. She says everyone should be able to feel blessed and wake up in the morning and do anything they want; be anything they want to be.
Miranda’s last words to Cedar Key School: “I just want to thank everybody who has pushed me forward in life. My family, friends, and teachers, I am truly thankful to have so many people look out for me through the good times and the bad. Thank you for keeping my head up!”

Senior Spotlight:
Caroline George

By Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent
Catherine Caroline George or “Ducky,” one of Cedar Key’s 2012 graduates, said “It’s truly been a great run at this school, and I’m not sure I would be the person I am today without it.” Caroline was born on Jan. 9, 1994, and is the daughter of Teresa and Jim George.
Caroline has attended CKS for 6 years, and participated in cheerleading and volleyball. When asked what her favorite thing about CKS was, Caroline said “It is a safe environment to come to and the one on one help from teachers.”
Caroline enjoys eating anything from Chick-Fil-A and reading anything from Ellen Hopkins.
Caroline’s favorite class at CKS is government with Coach Brad, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Hodgkins. She said that, “Mr. Hodgkins has made me not hate math as much. I’ve learned a lot in his class.” 
After graduation Caroline plans to live in New York or Los Angeles and work in the fashion industry.
In 10 years she plans to be successful, happy and hopefully starting a family.
If Caroline were to change the world, she said that she would enforce "peace everywhere."
Her favorite memory from CKS is "The 2012 prom was amazing."
When asked if she had anything else to share, Caroline said "Cedar Key class of 2012 is the bomb.com!"