Shark News for the week of June 7

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Editor's Note: This is the final installment for the 2011-2012 school year. Thank you Shark Correspondents.

Kindergarten graduation: Class of 2024

By Lauren Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

It’s that time of year again. People are crying with joy, teachers are saying goodbye to their students, diplomas are being passed out and parents are wondering when their child grew up. They can’t believe that they are going on to the next big step in life, first grade. Kindergarten graduation has finally arrived and Mrs. Yvonne Rogers and Mrs. Kathy McCain are preparing their students for their graduation walk and their journey into first grade. Graduation was Tuesday, June 5. The graduating class is a class of 14. They have a long 12 year journey ahead but eventually they will be the class of 2024. Congratulations Class of 2024!

Summer kick-off

By Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondent

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer,” F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Great Gatsby explains the simple feeling of summer.
For high school teenagers it’s one less summer until they’re off into the real world.  The junior class this year will spend the summer preparing for its upcoming senior year. For middle school students, there’s just the feeling being “free” when summertime rolls around. All and all, summer break is a time for relaxing, making memories and making new friends. 
Jemima Cahours will be spending the majority of her summer working at the Island Trading Post on Dock Street.
“I’m trying to save up money for something big – hopefully a car!” she explained. Jemima will also be making her way to St. Pete to work at the Island Trading Post down south. Though her summer will be filled with long days of scooping ice cream and hanging up T-shirts, Jemima will strive to have a little fun this summer.
Many other CK Sharks will be sitting around Cedar Key all summer fishing for something to do. Maybe even catch some rays while tubing or just laying in the sand on their favorite island. Taking advantage of the resources of living near the water. 
On the other hand, some kids will be off traveling, going to camp or heading to conventions. A group of kids have been meeting up and saving up money for the E-F Tour trip to England. The students and selected adults will explore England for two weeks. FFA members will take a drive to Orlando to stay at the Caribe Royale for the FFA State convention. The annual trip will last five days and will be topped off with a Mega Party. Another activity for busy teens will be going to track camp. For some, track camp has been planned since January and the anticipation is just growing stronger. 
The summer will be a long stretch of sleeping in, sun bathing, working hard and creating memories that last a lifetime. Just remember, Cedar Key Sharks, always be safe and have fun!
Graduation wraps

By Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondent

Stephen Bainbridge, Jenny Bierman, Claire Brown, Courtney Daniel, Miranda Fanelli, Caroline George, Miranda Haire, Brandon Register, Jessica Robinson, Stevie Smith and Gary Spain-McIntyre will be missed by CKS. The Class of 2012 has graduated and are now taking their first steps into the world.
Graduation for Cedar Key High school took place on Saturday, June 2 for the Class of 2012. Ms. Sue Ice gave her final graduation welcome for CKS at 10 a.m. to get the ball rolling. After the processional and slide presentation of the seniors, Brandon Register and Jemima Cahours recited a song they made for graduation. Followed by the flower presentation where each senior took their mother a flower.  Ms. Ice introduced the Valedictorian, Jenny Bierman, who then gave a speech to the rest of her peers.
A large quantity and variety of scholarships were handed out to the seniors. Some local to Cedar Key and some that were unexpected.  Afterward, the presentation and distribution of academic awards came. Students received pendants for top subjects of their curriculum. Claire Brown received the Citizenship Award.
Then, the awaited moment came. Each senior lined up to receive their diploma one by one. Followed by an acceptance speech from class president, Claire Brown, and vice president, Stephen Bainbridge, who gave their last regards to the audience. Now our seniors are well on their way into the journey of life.

Cedar Key FFA banquet

By Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key FFA put on its 2011-2012 awards banquet, with help from all of the officers of advisor Denny Voyles. The evening began with dinner in the Cafeteria, catered by Ada Blue Cafe. The menu consisted of baked beans, coleslaw, pork sandwiches and a series of deserts. After dinner, everyone ventured to the auditorium for the awards ceremony.
The members were awarded for their accomplishments and the guests thanked for all of their help. Next, Mikayla Pope and Sarah Bartholemy performed their FFA rap that was “full of spunk and creativity,” as Taryn Epperson said. The banquet proceeded with officer speeches, a slideshow of the year’s memories and concluded with closing ceremonies.

Safety Patrol gets ready for Washington

By Taryn Epperson
Shark Correspondent

Every year the Cedar Key 5th grade Safety Patrols head out to spend a week in Washington D.C. to learn about our nation’s capital; this year’s trip will take place from June 18th to June 22nd. Student Holly Bishop exclaimed “I’m super ecstatic for the trip; I’m most looking forward to the Smithsonian Museums.”  
The students will be visiting a variety of monuments and memorials including: The Grand Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, The Iwo Jima Memorial, Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean memorials, WWII and Martin Luther King memorial, The Jefferson and FDR memorials, the Washing National Cathedral, and Embassy Row, the Smithsonian museums, the United States Air Force and  Law Enforcement Memorials.
The Fifth graders are in for a very educational and fun trip to deepen the knowledge of our country.   Fifth Grader Chris Burns said “I really want to see all the planes at the air and space museum, and I’m really looking forward to the United States Air Force Memorial!”

School’s Out for Summer!

By Chloe Reynolds

It’s finally the end of the year and students are ready to forget about school for the next few months.
However, the only thing in their way is final exams. As students cram, teachers pack up their belongings and put finishing touches on the big tests.
Monday and Tuesday will be the last full days before testing begins.
The last period on Tuesday will hold the 7th period exam, then on Wednesday the 1st and 2nd period exams will be held, on Thursday 3rd and 4th period exams will be held, then on Friday 5th and 6th period exams will be taken.
Students who are exempt from their final exams do not have to come in for that period or that day.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday students will be getting out of class at 12:00.