Shark News for the week of Jan. 19

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Senior ad reminder

By Claire Brown

Shark Correspondent

There is still time left to purchase an ad for a senior in the 2012 Shark yearbook if you haven't done so yet. Feel free to purchase an ad for any special senior in your life! They don't have to be your own child. 

The deadline for submitting ads is Feb. 17. All you have to turn in is pictures you would like used and what you would like the ad to say. The money is not due until Feb. 24.  Ad prices are as follows: $70 for a quarter page, $120 for a half page, and $200 for a whole page.  

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Cedar Key School at 352-543-5223 or Claire Brown at claireb1018@gmail.com.


Fighting the Flu

By Mikayla Pope

& Montana Beckham

Shark correspondents

It’s about that time of the year when it seems like everyone is coughing, sniffling or, just plain sick. We’ve searched the school for the most useful tips for the cold and flu season. 

When you’ve come down with a cold try to stay inside and keep warm as much as possible. Also, getting lots of rest is necessary for a full recovery. Ms. Melinda, the CKS nurse, advises everyone to drink a good amount of water along with Gatorade which is a good for nutrition due to being full of electrolytes, generally the yellow or orange ones seem to work better. Most importantly, try to stay hydrated at all times when sick. 

To help prevent spreading your germs to others try coughing or sneezing into the bend your arm instead of your hands. To reduce the common cold, washing your hands frequently cannot be stressed enough. 

Keeping hand sanitizer nearby is a convenient way of maintaining germ-free hands. Coach Cris Beckham says he uses sanitizer daily after handling public materials. When asked about tips for staying ill-free he advised anyone doing physical activity to make sure their “warm ups” and especially “cool downs” are done properly. If not, that could become a contributing factor to getting sick. He mentioned that for a healthy diet, following the food pyramid or Mrs. Michelle Obama’s new “Dinner Plate Plan” would be a good idea to help your body fight against germs. According to Coach Cris, his trick for staying well is “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.”


Eagles Club helps new Cedar Key School club

By Whitney Tyler

Shark Correspondent  

When Cedar Key’s Fraternal Order of Eagles Club discovered that Cedar Key High Schools’ newly formed High Q club was in need of new equipment, they donated $250 to the cause. With this amount of money High Q Coach Raymond Powers was able to order and buy a brand new buzzer system. 

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Club is a world-wide organization that raises money for various charities and clubs. 

High Q a game consisted of 10 minute thirds. In each third the moderator asks two types of questions, “Toss-ups” and “Bonus Questions”.  Toss-up questions are worth five points apiece, while bonus questions are worth 10. Both of these types can be about anything, from math with computation, to science, to current events, everything.  

A local parent went to the Eagles Club and explained how not having any equipment, Cedar Key Schools first year of High Q was being spent relying on other teams to bring and have extra buzzer systems. The Eagles Club immediately jumped to help any way they could.