Shark NEWS for the week of February 13

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FFEA sells carnations

By Robert Kint

Shark Correspondent

What better gift for your valentine than a few beautiful carnations? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, FFEA (Future Educators of America) is selling carnations for $2. Each flower comes with a personalized note for your valentine and will be delivered on Feb. 14. 


Track and field

off and running

By Sarah Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

With spring quickly approaching, the track and field team has already begun practicing. The Sharks participated in their first practice last week, setting up high jump mats, pole vault mats, the discus net and hurdles. 

Now that “maintenance” is finished, athletes will begin focusing on their individual events. The Sharks first meet will be held in Starke on Feb. 15. This year’s runners include:

Girls: Ashlyn Allen, Brooke Allen, Lauren Bartholemy, Sarah Bartholemy, Hannah Brinkman, Holly Bishop, Talehya Cahours, Taylor Davison, Terra Dunn, Jasmin Jackson, Nyya Jones, MacKenzie Kirkbride, Cierra Hembree, Mikayla Pope, Kacey Ross, Tia Wein and Casey Williams.

Boys: Daniel Allen, Tyler Anderson, Jacob Bishop, Vince Bullard, Kris Burns, Landrum Hamp, James Hartin, Jed Lynch, Isaiah Jones, Vaughn Quinn, Tyler Rains, Kit Riley, Gibbs Yearty and Wyatt Carswell.


The junior class prepares for SAT testing

By Marissa Hand

Shark Correspondent

This year, Cedar Key School has received a grant for the junior class, along with a few other students, to take the SAT on campus. 

The testing date is set for Wednesday, Feb. 26, and will take place in the Cedar Key School auditorium starting at 8 a.m. and ending around 12:30 p.m. 

Students are advised to bring number two pencils, an approved calculator, as well as eat a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep. If any students or parents have any questions, contact Mrs. Jenny-Lynn Hudson Lane at Cedar Key School, or by email: hudsonje@levy.k12.fl.us


100 days of school down, 80 more to go! 

By Shea O’Steen

Shark Correspondent

T-minus 80 days until the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close. The hundredth day of school has come; it’s hard to believe time has moved so quickly. Elementary classes celebrated this milestone with cupcakes and games, while middle and high-school students marked the occasion with celebratory fist pumps and updating the countdown to June 6. 

Second grade teacher Patty Shewey dressed up like she was 100 years old; teacher aide Yvonne Rogers helped the second grade students make a necklace with 100 Cheerios. The activities the kids participated in included building with 100 Legos, reading for 100 seconds and writing about what they would buy with $100. 

When asked what life would be like at 100 years old, student Morgan Beckham said, “I hope I can still talk, walk, speak, hear and use all my five senses.”