Shark News for the week of December 12

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Field trip for STEM Scholars

By Tabatha Hays

Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key School is participating in a program called, “STEM Scholars”. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The program is designed to expose high achieving students to science careers that they may have not considered before. Cedar Key School has two levels of STEM Scholars: students who participated previously and students who just joined the program this year.

Veteran STEM Scholars include: Noah Webster, Taylor Davidson and Joey Miller. Freshmen STEM Scholars include: Michael Torres, Alicia Neal and Heather Sikes. 

During the year, the STEM Scholars travel to local colleges and universities. These field trips usually involve hands-on challenges and are based on particular STEM topics. This year, the Cedar Key STEM Scholars have gone to Gateway College to learn about landscape engineering, Santa Fe to learn about structural engineering and UF to learn how scientists track epidemic diseases like Cholera. They will be attending one more field trip in the spring.

Students buzzing about bee

By Cassie Lambert

Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key School is having its annual spelling bee on Friday, Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. in the CKS auditorium. The spelling bee is going to include the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at CKS. 

The spelling bee competition begins with a large number of students attempting to correctly spell words; as the rounds go by, the words become increasingly more difficult and the number of students still competing becomes smaller. The spelling bee is an exciting competition and one the students have been preparing for many weeks. Come out and support the CKS 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!

Junior class auction a success

By Sarah Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

On Nov. 26, the Cedar Key junior class held its annual pie auction. Over 100 pies were donated from community members, faculty and staff workers, as well as parents and students. The juniors raised a record-breaking amount through the Pie Auction, which will benefit them in their upcoming endeavors. The junior class would also like to thank all of those who participated and made pies for the auction.


Bronson Eagles take down the Lady Sharks

By Shea Osteen

Shark Correspondent 

The Lady Sharks played hard, but fell to the Bronson Eagles on Dec. 2. Final score was 49-12. The Sharks didn’t play as well as they did in the tip-off against Bronson, but expect to shock them when they meet again on Jan. 7 when the Eagles come to Cedar Key. 

Taryn Epperson was named the player of the game, she portrayed great defensive skills and wasn’t afraid to take the ball to the hoop. Taryn stated, “We played tough as a team, which, to me, is the most important thing.” Come out and support the Lady Sharks at the Cedar Key gym, for their second home game on Friday, Dec. 13.

Five important tasks to ensure you’re ready for an exam

(A friendly satire about school)

By Mikayla Pope

Shark Correspondent 

Success builds the self-esteem of students and exams can make or break a successful student. Here are five easy tasks to ensure that an exam will not be the death of those anxiety-stricken students. By following my advice, you may just become a Cedar Key legend... or maybe not. 

REST: It’s completely not proven that getting “lots of sleep,” so the adults say, will ensure a massive A on an exam, but the alternative of staying up all night long cramming in as much information in the last minutes has helped more than a few students, in my opinion. I suggest staying up as long as your eye lids can handle, drinking enough caffeine to keep an elephant awake and walk into the classroom refreshed from an all-nighter.

PRE-GAME FOOD: I know what you’re thinking and it has something to do with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of whole wheat toast and scrambled eggs. News flash, have you ever felt your best after eating whole wheat toast? I didn’t think so. I say you just zoom into the Jiffy and pick up as many powered doughnuts as possible and make that your breakfast of champions. 

QUIET: Peace and quiet is a bunch of bologna. I say take the time to be around as many people as possible during pre-exam studying. Don’t worry about trying to hit up the library, just take the time to study when surrounded by your loving, energetic, attention-grabbing friends. 

SOCIAL NETWORKING: This generation is spot on about what to Tweet and when to Tweet it, so here what’s got to happen: make sure to complain as much as possible about studying and taking those pesky exams. Maybe even try Instagraming a miserable picture of you on the couch with your textbooks (maybe even your snoozing dog).

ATTIRE: Let’s be honest, the only way to pass an exam is to wear the most outrageously formal outfit and be as uncomfortable as possible. Maybe try to wear your prom dress and high heels, that’s always a good one!