Shark News (week of 5-29-14)

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CKS exam schedule

By Tabatha Hays
Shark correspondent

Cedar Key School’s year is almost over, and summer is just around the corner. Exams mark the end of the school year and the beginning of summer for all middle and high school students. End of the year exams begin June 3 and end June 6. Exam days are early release school days with the exception of June 3. If a student is exempt from a certain exam, they are not required to attend that class period.
Tuesday, June 3: 7th period exam
Wednesday, June 4: 1st period and 2nd  period
Thursday, June 5: 3rd period and 4th period
Friday, June 6: 5th period and 6th period

 Middle/High School Awards

By Cassie Lambert
Shark Correspondent
On Tuesday, June 3, Cedar Key School is hosting the middle and high school award ceremony. All academic areas will be recognized during the ceremony.
Middle school awards include math, social studies, language arts, science and reading. High school awards include english, math, history, science, business and agriculture. Awards will be given based on student performance in each particular area.
The middle school portion will start at 9 a.m. that morning and they will start giving high school awards at 10 a.m.

Senior Spotlight:
Shea O’Steen

By Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

Anna Lashea O’Steen, or “Shea,” is the daughter of Ronny Jo O’Steen, Mark Miller, Chad O’Steen and Joanne O’Steen. Shea will be graduating from Cedar Key School on May 31, in the Cedar Key gymnasium with her fellow peers. Shea spends her free time working on her art projects, reading, fishing, riding four-wheelers, playing sports, creating Pinterest crafts and watching Netflix.
When asked about what she will miss most about CKS, Shea said, “The small classes, friendly teachers and students.” She said that her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lauren because of  “all of her hard work and dedication towards her students.” When reflecting back on her journey at Cedar Key, Shea said that her favorite memory was, “When we were supposed to be practicing for our EOC and our teacher never came to assist us. So, all of us students just sat in the compass lab, just listening to music. It was hilarious.”
After high school, Shea plans on attending college at Central Florida College in Ocala in hopes of achieving her Associates of Science in Radiography. In ten years, she sees herself with a bachelor’s degree in radiography, not living in Florida, and wealthy.
Growing up in Cedar Key many valuable life lessons are learned. Shea said that she’s learned that, “Cedar Key is very small and everyone sticks together as a family. Family is important.” Good luck to Shea on all of her future endeavors!

Senior Spotlight:
Alex Zografos

By Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondent

Alexander Paul Zografos is part of the Cedar Key School Class of 2014 and will take the stage to accept his diploma on May 31. Alex recently moved from North Carolina to attend Cedar Key School, and now lives with Scott and Vincent Bullard and Stephanie May. His hobbies include going on the boat, looking for arrowheads, playing cards and mastering his baseball skills. Even with the short amount of time he has spent in Cedar Key, it was still hard to decide which memory was his favorite, but the Junior/Senior Trip to Orlando for Grad Bash stole the show.  “I’ll miss Mr. Ray’s class and all the crazy conversations we always had. There was never a dull moment in 2nd period,” commented Zografos, when asked about what he’ll miss the most about CKS. Alex’s favorite teacher was Mrs. Pam because of all the continuous help and time she put into helping him reach his goal of graduation.
The future holds exciting changes for Alex Zografos which includes college and possibly the military. In ten years his plan is to be making money counting cards and taking life head on.  Alex wants to leave CKS with one of his signature lines, “I’m not mad you. You’re just doing your job.”

CKS Safety Patrols
prepare for D.C. trip

By Marissa Hand
Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key School annual Safety Patrol’s Washington D.C. trip is a great opportunity for 5th grade students to experience the nation’s capital.
The trip will take place June 16-23. Students will be visiting the National Archive, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, the White House, the Capital, the Smithsonian, the Holocaust museum, the World War 2, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam War, and Korean War memorials, as well as Mount Vernon.
The 5th grade class would like to thank the community and clubs who have made donations to make this trip possible. Congratulations to the students on their hard work during fundraisers.

Taking on Advanced Placement Courses

By Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

Advanced placement courses are classes that are offered to high school students at a collegiate level. The students study hard throughout the year and endure challenging preparation as they prepare for their end of the year exam. If the students score between a three and a five they pass their exams and earn not only a high school credit, but a college credit as well. These strenuous courses exercise the brain and allow students to push themselves above the average level.
There are two advanced placement courses at Cedar Key School; AP English: Language and Composition, as well as AP Statistics. Students enrolled in AP English are Ben Miller, Sarah Bartholemy, Emily Colson and Taryn Epperson. Those taking AP Statistics are Noah Webster and Sarah Bartholemy.  Last Friday, these five students, along with the rest of the nation, took their AP exams and are awaiting the arrival of their scores. Good luck to these students as they wait for their scores and congrats on completing their courses.