Shark News for September 27

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 Cedar Key FFA-

back in action


By Sarah Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

The new school year is off to a great start, and the Cedar Key FFA Chapter is back in action.

With officer elections, the Forestry Contest, National Convention and COLT right around the corner, the members are very busy. The members of both chapters will be running for the six constitutional offices to lead the Jr. and Sr. Chapters into a great year.

2011-2012 President, Lauren Bartholemy said, “Officer elections are a very important part of the year. Who our officers are is the deciding factor of what direction we will head in during the year.”

After elections, officers will go to C.O.L.T. – Chapter Officer Leadership Training – to better their skills as leaders. 2011-2012 Treasurer,  Mikayla Pope said, “I’m so pumped for this year! We have many things to look forward to, and I can’t wait to get started on them.”



Splash Grant at Cedar Key


By Eli Glaze

Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key science department received a $2,000 “Splash Grant” for a water conservation aquaponics project. The project is able to be used for years to come by increasing student’s understanding of the benefits of water conservation on recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics methods.

Mr. Raymond  Powers stated in the proposal grant, “Students will build and operate the system to demonstrate freshwater conservation”.

The system uses recirculated water to grow giant freshwater prawns with edible plants. Its goal is to “demonstrate an ecosystem approach to aquaculture and farming which will allow different components of the system to support each other, while reusing almost all of the water in the system”.

The grant money bought the supplies needed to make this project a success. This is something that anyone can do. The project is not exclusive to school students. It will be open to the public later in the year; though the project is not fully operational, a date will be set for the near future.


Coastal Clean-Up

By Sarah Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent 


Last Saturday, the city of Cedar Key participated in the annual Coastal Clean-Up. Each year the city gets together and goes to several locations in Cedar Key that are along the coastline and gathers litter.  Some people even got on boats and went to nearby islands to pick up trash. Once everyone had returned from their destination, the trash was then sorted into its recycled groups and sent off to either be recycled or to the land fill. The group that collected the most trash was awarded with a treat. The event was full of participants. Cedar Key students, adults and even people from other cities attended.

Cedar Key student, Eli Glaze, commented, “I had a lot of fun at the clean-up! We collected a ton of trash, and cleaned up our home.”