Shark News for Sept. 15

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Meet Mr. Powers, the new Science teacher


Shark Correspondent

We have a new teacher at CKS this year, Mr. Raymond Powers, who is teaching 8th grade science, chemistry, Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors, Marine Science and Environmental Science.

Coming from nearby Bronson Middle High School, where he taught 7th-12th grades. He enjoys the personal feel of the Cedar Key environment, “The students are eager!”

Mr. Powers will be the coach of the first Hi-Q team here at CKS. He previously coached at Bronson for 20 years. Williston High School was generous in donating their old equipment, such as buzzers, needed for home Hi-Q meets. 

Mr. Powers stated, “I have an enthusiastic bunch of kids ready to start!” The first meet is in early October.

Mr. Powers’ classroom will also have a new guest arriving soon: a king snake, named Zick. Mr. Powers has had another snake in the past — a corn snake.

Some of the goals and ideas Mr. Powers would like to aspire towards in the future include turning the Marine building into an aquaculture lab available for projects run by the students. 

Mr. Powers is looking forward to a great first year at Cedar Key School.


CK School fields its biggest cross country team in nearly a decade 


Shark Correspondent 

Twenty-fice Cedar Key students have taken on the challenge of competing in a 3.1 mile run this year. 

With 16 boys and nine girls from both middle school and high school, this is the most students Cedar Key has had participate in the past six years. 

“It’s awesome that we have such a big team this year and definitely increases the chance of winning county!” said Austin Pope, an 11th grade varsity runner. 

Cedar Key Cross Country  has four teams - varsity boys, varsity girls, middle school girls and middle school boys. 

The varsity boys team consists of seven students: Kevin Carswell, Keith Eberhardt, Ryan Beckham, Josh Sills, Tyler Anderson, CJ Parks and Austin Pope. 

The varsity girls team is: Chloe Reynolds, Jemima Cahours, Heather Deaton, Brooke Allen, Sarah Bartholemy and Lauren Bartholemy.  

The middle school boys team has the most students at nine kids: Terrence Doty, Joseph Shirey, Noah Lynch, Jed Lynch, Ben Wilson, Patrick Jackson, Wyatt Carswell, Nathaniel Brinkman and Tyler Sloan. 

The middle school girls’ team is the smallest with three: Savannah Howard, Mackenzie Kirkbride and Anna Paulsen.

The first meet is Sept. 19, with a another meet the next day. 

Runner Heather Deaton commented on the upcoming event, “This is my first year running and I’m really excited for the meet!” 

Come support Heather and the rest of the cross country team as they cross the finish line at their only home meet on Oct. 11.


Introducing SWAT to Cedar Key

By Whitney Tyler

Shark Correspondent

“Whitney, please come by my room when you get a chance.” 

When I heard these words, I was kind of nervous. I mean, nobody likes hearing those words, especially coming from a teacher. 

Well much to my surprise I wasn’t in trouble, quite the opposite in fact. 

Mrs. Kathy Hudson had wanted to ask me if I was willing to be the new SWAT president. I happily agreed.  

This is the first year Cedar Key has ever had a SWAT club. SWAT stands for Students Working Against Tobacco. 

Mrs. Kathy then handed me a bright red briefcase, and explained that SWAT was totally funded – not to mention free t-shirts and an end-of-the-year trip. You will also get community service hours for participating. For people who are interested there is a required meeting after school once a month and maybe once in a while a little short meeting before school. 

Every semester we will do one big project or presentation involving tobacco. We will also attend at least two Levy Coalition Against Tobacco meetings per year. 


SGA elects new officers, has busy schedule 


Shark Correspondent 

Cedar Key School’s Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off the year with their first meeting last Thursday. 

The meeting began with officer elections:

Claire Brown, President

Sarah Martin, Vice President

Mikayla Pope, Secretary

Lauren Bartholemy, Treasurer

Whitney Tyler, LASC Representative 

SGA will be attending Coastal Cleanup on Sept. 17, participating in the Seafood Festival, as well as roadside cleaning. 

SGA has a big year ahead of them and this is just the beginning. 

Member Chloe Reynolds said, “I have a feeling this will be a very successful year and we will have more members then we did the previous year.

“We’ll also do our best to make this year the best for Mrs. Sue, since it is her last.”


Class of 2012 looks forward


Shark Correspondent

This year’s senior class is pumped about the upcoming year! There are 10 seniors this year - three boys and seven girls. Half of the students have been together since the first grade, if not longer. Last week, the students had their first class meeting, where they discussed upcoming class events and elected class officers.

Claire Brown was elected class president, Stephen Bainbridge was elected vice president, Jessi Robinson was elected secretary and Miranda Fanelli was elected treasurer.  Malinda Roland-Smith and Tammy Bierman are the senior class sponsors.   
The senior class still has "Shark Life" hoodies and long sleeve shirts left over from their junior year fundraiser.  Sizes and styles are limited, but prices have been reduced. There are also shark backpacks left over from last year’s senior class. The price on these has also been reduced. If you would like to make a purchase to benefit the Class of 2012, please see a senior class member or Ms. Malinda Roland-Smith.