Shark News for October 4

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WalMart donates to Cedar Key School

Senior year is finally here

By Molly Gordon

Shark Correspondent

After 13 long and tiring years of school, the anticipation of the year that is considered “the beginning of the end” can come to a halt because it’s here. We are finally seniors.

As a senior, it’s overwhelming to think about how hard I’ve worked toward graduation, and to realize that all of what seemed like pointless information (I mean honestly, when am I ever going to have to graph an equation in the real world?), really paid off and that I’m finally to this point in my life. I’ve really done it.

Mrs. Penny Bailey, Cedar Key High School’s business teacher and senior class sponsor, stated in an interview, “I have been with this senior class since their first day of high school, and I feel like a proud ‘mom’ to all of them!” Mrs. Bailey, who has taught at Cedar Key School for four years now, was our very first teacher in high school.  What makes the situation even more special is that we were her first class as a teacher. Needless to say, she holds a special place in our hearts, and vice versa. She continued to say, “They all have a terrific future ahead of them and I know they will accomplish great things!”

No doubt about it - being a senior definitely has its perks; for instance, skipping the underclassmen in the lunch line. No, it’s not necessary. Yes, we understand that we’ll get food just like everyone else, but you better believe that we will claim “seniority” just like every class that has ever been above us has. Also, the feeling of being a senior is amazing. After 13 years of going through the same routine, I never would have thought that being a senior could actually make me feel “different”. When asked if she felt any different being a senior, Haley Simpson, a senior and fellow classmate answered with, “I do feel different – I did a lot of growing up. I have my future all planned out and I know it’s near!” 

A downside to being a senior is the fact that even though we claim to “hate school”, it’s going to be a sad farewell. In my case, I’ve gone to Cedar Key School my whole life. It’s sad to think about leaving the teachers that have helped me learn to read and classmates I’ve grown up with. Haley Simpson also said in her interview, “I know for a fact I will miss Cedar Key School, along with everyone in it – I don’t want to leave.” Mrs. Bailey added, “I am sad to see them go, and I am going to miss them. I feel very blessed to have been their class sponsor.”

When I asked some of my classmates what our goals for the year should be, Ryan Beckham commented, “I think we should do everything we can to be different. I want to go out with a bang.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. In our effort to be “different”, we chose red and silver as our class colors. Our class flower is the Passion Flower, which describes us very well. It helps us to stand out. And, traditionally, we had to decide on a class song, and for us, it’s “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas. 

Officers for this year are: president: Chloe Reynolds; vice president: Haley Simpson; secretary: Sarah Martin; and treasurer: Josh Sills.



2012 Teacher Rewards

By Rebecca Russo and Eli Glaze

Shark Correspondents

This year Wal-Mart donated 20 $50 Teacher Reward Cards recognizing teachers that work at Cedar Key School. Cole Booth, Wal-Mart representative, presented the cards early in September.  Cards will help teachers purchase classroom supplies and other miscellaneous items at their discretion.  This is the fourth annual Teacher Rewards Program that Wal-Mart has launched and Cedar Key is proud to be part of it. Wal-Mart wants to help offset the money that teachers use out of their own pockets.

Cole stated, “Wal-Mart recognizes that teachers care for their students as if they were their own.”  As students of Cedar Key School, we appreciate all of the help from our teachers and all that they willingly help supply us with. Cedar Key students would like to give a big “thank you” to the Wal-Mart Corporation for helping Cedar Key School and recognizing our hard working teachers.  


Cedar Key School welcomes newly elected officers

By Lauren Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

The officer elections at Cedar Key School have rolled in and the results are out. SGA, FFA, FFEA, FBLA, SWAT, and Jr. Beta are all welcoming new officer teams. Sr. Beta has yet to vote; their results will be coming out in a follow up article.

Now presenting your 2012-2013 Cedar Key School officer teams:

FFA- Jr. Chapter Officers - Nathaniel Brinkman, president; MacKenzie Kirkbride, vice-president; Hannah Brinkman, secretary; Wyatt Carswell, treasurer; Savannah Howard, reporter; Jacob Solano, sentinel; and Ashlyn Allen, student advisor.

Sr. Chapter Officers - Lauren Bartholemy, president; Sarah Bartholemy, vice-president; Mikayla Pope, secretary; Laia Gore, treasurer; Taryn Epperson, reporter; Caitlin Goss, sentinel; and Taylor Davidson, student advisor.

FBLA - Hailey Simpson, president; Caitlin Goss, vice-president; Austin Pope, secretary; and Phoebe Cahours, treasurer.

FFEA - Alicia Lambert, president; Sarah Martin, vice-president; Molly Gordon, secretary; and Hailey Simpson, treasurer.

SGA - Sarah Martin, president; Alicia Lambert, vice-president; Molly Gordon, secretary; and Hailey Simpson, treasurer.

Jr. Beta - Joey Miller, president; MacKenzie Kirkbride, vice-president; Taylor Simpson, secretary; and Savannah Howard, treasurer.

SWAT - Alex Bletcher, president; Meikala Hunter, vice-president; Erica Shirey, secretary ; Jacquelyn Slaughter, photographer; and Rebecca Russo, liaison.

Jr. Class - Mikayla Pope, president; Caitlin Goss, vice-president; Brooke Allen, secretary; and Lauren Bartholemy, treasurer.

Sr. Class - Chloe Reynolds, president; Hailey Simpson, vice-president; Sarah Martin, secretary; and Josh Sills, treasurer.

Congratulations to all officers and officer teams. Best of luck and may a productive and accomplished year be in your future. 


Where are our fans?

By Molly Gordon

Shark Correspondent

Where are you on Tuesday and Thursday nights when the Cedar Key volleyball players are on the court playing their hearts out for their school and even for their community? The Sharks feed off your support, seeing as our town is so small. We’re one big family. So the question is: Where are you when the team needs your cheering and encouraging words to push through the game?

Phoebe Cahours, a varsity volleyball player and participant of several other sports at Cedar Key School, mentioned during a game last week, “It’s sad that we don’t have a crowd at any of our games. It’s like everyone has given up on us.”

It’s true: the crowds at our home volleyball games have become frighteningly small. Imagine how the players feel after every game when there is no one there congratulating them on a win, or patting them on the back saying, “Good game!” Just asking… Where is our support network? 


Junior class prepares

for take-off

By Mikayla Pope

Shark Correspondent

As we venture into the school year, Cedar Key juniors are jumping into making plans.  The class sponsor, Cheryl Allen, has begun thinking up ideas for fundraisers and gathering the juniors together to brainstorm. The class had its first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13, where they also held elections. 

Officers are: president- Mikayla Pope; vice-president- Caitlin Goss; secretary- Brooke Allen; and treasurer- Lauren Bartholemy.

“We’ve all worked together in the past and I think that we can do great things as a class.” Caitlin Goss commented. The juniors are responsible for putting on the Prom and Junior/Senior Banquet which will both be held sometime in May. In order to fund both of the these events, the juniors will be holding fundraisers – such as, the concession stand at sporting events, selling Krispie Kreme doughnuts, selling clam fritters at the Seafood Festival and the annual pie auction.