Shark News - Oct. 13, 2011

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class


Mikayla Pope, Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key Volleyball team must overcome a new challenge. Due to lack of players on the middle school team it joined forces with varsity, which was having a hard time on its own. With only one junior, Haley Simpson, making it a varsity team, the girls play all juniors and seniors. The team has had a difficult season so far, with only two wins. With hard work and determination they have set a positive attitude and are working with what they have.

The team is Brooke Allen, Jemima Cahours, Sarah Bartholemy, Phoebe Cahours, Shea O’ Steen,Taryn Epperson, Haley Simpson, Kaley Wilson,Taylor Davinson, Grace Kennedy, Alora Beckham, Dajah Donaldson, Abbey O’Steen and Ashlyn Allen.

Sixth grader Grace Kennedy says, “It’s kind of scary, you feel like you’re going to get hit really hard but in the end it’s fun to play. It’s been nice working with older girls, and learning from them. This has been a great year of volleyball, and I can’t wait to go at it again.”

The season is in the midst of action and these girls get to be right in the middle of it. They all are growing in their skills working with the older girls and enjoy having this special opportunity. The girls will continue to play and finish out the season, with help and teamwork from their older players.


Whitney Tyler, Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key Journalism has been very fortunate to have Mr. Pat Bonish, a professional photographer, speak to the class. Bonish spoke of photography and writing, saying, “Photography and writing go hand in hand. They are the perfect couple. I’ve spent my life learning both and I’m still learning. The best way to learn is to help others so you learn with them. This is my passion and I’m glad I could share it with a younger generation who might someday share in that same passion.”

The next day, Bonish came back to the class with three different cameras and a variety of lenses. He gave a tutorial on each different camera, and how to use certain lenses for certain pictures. Bonish even let the students test out the cameras to see how they really work.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Bonish met three students from the Journalism class at a home volleyball game. He gave each of them a camera and said, “Have fun with the pictures, make sure to move around and don’t just stay in one place,” and then set them free to start clicking away.

Journalism student Chloe Reynolds said “Mr. Pat has showed us so many new techniques and filled us with so much new knowledge that will definitely help us in the future, and I hope he will continue to come throughout the year.”


Taryn Epperson, Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key Lions Club has donated to help the Cedar Key Safety Patrol go to Washington D.C for many years. However, it wasn’t until recently that Mrs. Janeice, Safety Patrol advisor, and six of her 2010-2011 Safety Patrol members explained what their support really means. The told the Lions about the Safety Patrol organization, their fundraising events, and what they do in Washington D.C.

The members who attended were: Annabel Lashley, Taylor Simpson, Trevor Ryan, Terrence Doty, Ben Kuhman and Grace Kennedy. They shared their opinions about Washington D.C, their favorite memories and explained how Safety Patrol affected them. They met with the Lions Club at the community center for lunch and to make their presentation.

Mrs. Janeice gave an over-all explanation of Safety Patrol, the offices and responsibilities of members, adding, “Safety Patrol is an international organization that promotes leadership.”


Lauren Bartholemy, Shark Correspondent

FFA senior chapter members Taryn Epperson, Michael Shewey, Kit Riley, Laia Gore and Whitney Tyler, as well as, junior chapter members Nathaniel Brinkman, Larry Twinam, Taylor Davison and Walker Emrick donned their FFA jackets and competed in the FFA District Forestry Career Development Event recently.

The team started at 6:15 a.m. to meet Mr. Voyles, Cedar Key’s FFA teacher, at the school. Bronson FFA invited the forestry teams to join them on their bus for the ride to Lake City Gate Way College. The Forestry CDE consisted of Biltmore (determining how many board feet in the tree), Forestry Tool Identification, Tree Identification (identifying 60 trees by common and scientific names), Tree Disorder Identification, a General Knowledge Test and Topographic Map Reading.

The teams were competing against twenty-five other schools, including Bronson, Chiefland and Fort White.

Kit Riley, Taryn Epperson and Michael Shewey were all returning 2009 state champions. Kit Riley was state high individual in Tool Identification; Michael Shewey was state high individual in Tree Identification; and Taryn was the state high individual for Topographic Map Reading.

The team’s goals were high and the whole group was nervous. Taryn Epperson was one of the more anxious team members saying, “I was so nervous I had my head in my hands and thought I was going to be sick!”

Once the group ate lunch, they headed back to the gym for the award ceremony. Nathaniel Brinkman received four awards: third place in Forestry Disorders, second in General Knowledge, first in Tree Identification and first in Map Interpretation. Michael Shewey received third in Tool Identification, first in Tree Identification and first in Tree Disorders. Kit Riley got third in Map Reading and Larry Twinam got second in Tool Identification. Both Senior and Junior teams received 2nd overall. The Junior team was nine points away from first and the Senior team was 18 points.

Mr. Voyles said about the wins, “I am very proud of our teams; we beat twenty five of the twenty six schools in our district. We worked really hard and I am very proud of our accomplishments.”


Whitney Tyler- Shark Correspondent

Last Tuesday, Cedar Key had its first High-Q meet against Bell. Cedar Key High-Q has two teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity. The scores for the Varsity teams were: Cedar Key 80 and Bell 122. The scores for the Junior Varsity teams were: Cedar Key 85, Bell 195. The Varsity team consists of Whitney Ness, Mady Riley, Kevin Carswell and Whitney Tyler, as well as, Stephanie Hathcox, Noah Webster and Jesse Brown for the Junior Varsity team.

When Cedar Key’s new science teacher, Raymond Powers, announced that he was going to be coaching a High Q team, students jumped at the opportunity to participate in this new club.

High-Q is what some people would call a “Smart people club.” At every meet, there are two schools competing against each other. The game is divided into three 10 minutes pieces, and each 10 minutes the moderator asks two types of questions, first, the “Toss Up” question and second, the “Bonus Question.”

With the “Toss Up” question, each team races to answer the question and when one person on the team answers, if they gets it correct, the team then gets a “Bonus question.” The team is allowed 15 seconds to confer with each other, then, when time is called, the Captain delivers the answer.

Toss-up questions are worth five points each and bonus questions are worth 10. These questions can be about anything from math with computation, to science, to current events and anything in between.

Team member Stephanie Hathcox said, “High Q is a really great thing. It’s challenging yet fun at the same time. I’m so excited for all of our meets and to work together with my team.”


Claire Brown, Shark Correspondent

SGA isn’t all about government, it is about being an inspiration and a helping hand to your community and its members. In the midst of our big Government Week project, Cedar Key High School’s SGA recently met and worked on our latest community service project - a care package for Justin Fairbanks.

Justin Fairbanks is a nine year old boy from Williston who is battling Leukemia of Ambiguous Lineage. I found out about him over Facebook and was touched by what this child was dealing with. I brought the idea of creating a care package for Fairbanks to my fellow SGA members at our first meeting. Everyone liked the idea of expanding outside of Cedar Key to reach out to someone from a different part of Levy County.

Being such a busy club, it took us a while to get everything put together; however, the care package is finally complete. On Oct. 6, 2011, SGA members gathered after school with our items for Justin in hand. We filled a box with many things from toys to chapter books to art supplies. I hope to deliver this package to him personally, along with another SGA member.

I think doing this project and learning about Fairbanks gave all SGA members a better understanding of the hardships some kids in our community face that we don’t even realize. It is so easy to get wrapped up in one’s own life and problems and forget that there are other people out there who could always use a helping hand.


Lauren Bartholemy and Montana Beckham, Shark Correspondents

Middle school can be an adventure and that’s exactly what it is for seventh grader Nathaniel Brinkman. Nathaniel’s 6th grade year introduced him to a new gifted program, FFA and, of course, new friends. This year Nathaniel hopes to go farther than what he achieved last year.

FFA has been a door to many opportunities for Nathaniel. Last year he participated in Forestry, Ornamental Horticulture (OH) and Aquaculture. Although he and his teams were stuck at district and sub district levels for Forestry and OH, Nathaniel, Kit Riley, Ariel Alexander and Ridley Reynolds succeeded in a state championtitlefor Aquaculture. “When I found out that we won, I couldn’t believe it!”

This year Nathaniel has risen to an officer position as Vice President, as well as the Forestry team. When asked what he wanted right now he replied, “I want to be a forestry state champion.” He was the highest ranked team member on the middle school Forestry team and tied for third on the high school team.

Nathaniel plans to win Forestry and OH, help coach the Aquaculture team and conduct a SAE project. A SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) project is when FFA members conduct and profit from a certain task. Planning to use the FFA clam lease as his SAE project, Nathaniel will raise, sort and sell the clams on his own.

This year, his goals are not only to win a state contest in FFA but to achieve “A” honor roll. Nathaniel is currently an all “A” student, as well as, a cross country runner, and, if he makes the team, a basket- ball player.

Not only does Nathaniel have big plans for FFA and school but he is also active in ELP. ELP (Extended Learning Program) is run by Mrs. Faircloth and it is a program where gifted students get the privilege to broaden their skills and explore simple subjects more in depth.

ELP invokes deeper thinking so, when asked about what he would change in the world he replied, “In the school, I would change school lunches. In the community, I would help with the recycling program. For the country, I would give more money to the soldiers and for the world, I would help stop the abortions and adoptions of Chinese children, just because they are female or the second child.”

Nathaniel is very active with his community. He volunteers at many booths at the festival, participated in Coastal Clean Up and works with his grandfather. He is also very active at his church. He is in the church leadership program, as well as helping with the little kids on Sunday morning. Between commu- nity service, school and FFA Nathaniel is definitely a star student and forever will be in the spotlight.