Shark News for Nov. 3

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 Halloween in Cedar Key


Shark Correspondent

On Saturday, Oct. 29, Cedar Key held its annual Halloween Celebration among its streets. 

The city closed down the roads to cars so residents, tourists and visitors of the island could walk among the streets without worry of cars. 

Many of the shops on 2nd and Dock Street sat outside their doors and gave out candy. The streets were filled with sounds of “Trick-or-treat” and friends scaring friends.

There was a haunted house that numerous community members had helped out with. Residents of Cedar Key didn’t just sit inside either.

 Many houses throughout the island offered candy on their doorsteps waiting for all the dressed up kids, teenagers and adults. The 2011 Halloween turnout for Cedar Key can be expressed as a huge success.


Cedar Key ghost stories — as told by locals


Shark Correspondent

In celebration of Halloween this week, I will be sharing with you some paranormal and unexplainable experiences that locals have shared with me, most of them students at CKS. All of the stories I am about to share took place on Cedar Key or the surrounding islands and are eye-witness accounts. I got goose bumps just listening to some of these! With the interesting historical record that Cedar Key has, I am not surprised by these local encounters.  

Lauren Bartholemy, CKHS sophomore, told me the following story of an experience in her own home: "My house was built by my great-great grandparents. It doesn’t have any bad spirits or omen but paranormal things have happened. One night my friends and I were sitting on the couch when a knife fell in the kitchen.  We all freaked out and ran to my sister’s room. Of course, thinking that it was all in my head, I decided to go and sit on the couch. After about a minute of sitting, the couch moved about a foot. My friends and I freaked out and ran away.  Another thing that has happened many times is my best friend Mikayla Pope spots a man that looks exactly like my stepfather. This only happens when my step dad is not here."

Lauren's younger sister, Sarah Bartholemy, CKHS freshman, also told me of experiences she has had in their home. She said that once when her and her friends were hanging out and singing karaoke they saw a man walk from down the hall, into the room they were in and sit on the couch. 

Lauren Bartholemy and Caitlin Goss, CKHS sophomores, both told me of spooky experiences that took place during an overnight FFA Officer trip to Seahorse Key. Bartholemy recalls hearing human voices talking, after everyone was in bed for the night. She also says that while she was laying in bed she thought she felt something playing with her ponytail, she recalls trying to dismiss this and chalk it up to her imagination playing tricks on her, however her ponytail was then "yanked straight up and pulled on."  

Goss recalls hearing a tapping noise coming from the lighthouse's trap door which was located beneath her bed. She also claims that she heard what she described as "heavy work boots." Goss says that it sounded as if someone was walking circles in their room, however everyone was in bed. Goss says, "I swear on my life I felt something touch my leg!" Goss informed me that she didn't sleep at all that night. Instead, she laid in bed and just waited for the sun to rise. 

Caroline George, CKHS senior, told me of an experience she recently had in her own home. She says that she was home alone, sitting at her desk, eating noodles. Her parents were gone on a walk around town. George recalls getting up to go and take a shower and leaving her food on the desk in her bedroom. After her shower, George walked into the kitchen to find, much to her surprise, that her bowl of food was now in the kitchen. 

She checked to see if her parents had returned home, but they had not. She was alone in the house. She returned to her room to find the tray that her bowl was on still in the same place where she had left it. On the floor below her desk were a few fallen noodles. George believes that if she had dropped the food she would have realized it and cleaned it up. 

Cedar Key local Patti Summerville told me of an experience she and her daughter, Angel Minehart, had when living on the island. One night she and her daughter were awakened around 3 a.m. by their dog, Theo. He was standing in Angel's room staring and growling violently at something but neither Summerville nor Minehart could see what. Finally, Theo calmed down and went back to bed. 

The next day the ladies were watching television when Theo started becoming very agitated again. Summerville recalls questioning, "We were like, what the heck is he growling at?" This lasted a few minutes, then Theo returned to the couch beside his owners. Several minutes passed and he began growling again. 

At this point Summerville muted the television and she and her daughter began looking around to try and solve this mystery. They still saw nothing. When Theo calmed down again and jumped onto the couch with his owners, Summerville looked towards the glass coffee table where he had been growling only to see that the family's Bible, which was always kept there, had been moved and was upside down. 


Student Spotlight

Amanda Robinson


Shark Correspondent

Amanda Robinson is taking on the world one step at a time, starting with fourth grade. Amanda is the child of Laura and Robert Robinson and she has one sister, Jessi, who is senior at Cedar Key School.

Amanda enjoys hanging out with her friends’ after school and on the weekends as well as taking dance classes in Chiefland.  Her main hobby she says is “bothering my sister.” 

When asked what her favorite food was, she replied, “I absolutely love shrimp!” She also likes Milk Duds and her No. 1 choice to drink would be sweet tea.

When Amanda grows up she either wants to be a hair stylist or a veterinarian. But currently, she enjoys learning math. “Fourth grade is tough but I like the challenge!” Amanda commented. Her favorite part about coming to Cedar Key School is seeing all of her friends and learning new things.


Cedar Key Girls take home win



Shark Correspondents

Cedar Key’s cross-country team is finally wrapping up its season with the last Cedar Key home meet. The 2011 Cedar Key Suwannee/Bronson Invitational was Oct. 27. This meet was an all-girls varsity meet.

Coach Brad Penny had runners Lauren Bartholemy, MacKenzie Kirkbride, Savannah Howard, Heather Deaton, Brooke Allen and Anna Paulson. 

Kirkbride, Bartholemy and Allen all placed in the Top 5: Kirkbride placing first, Bartholemy third and Allen fourth.  Deaton and Howard placed 11th and 12th and Paulson placed 16th.  

Cedar Key and Bronson battled it out for the top team score with Suwannee beating them by one point.  Allen commented on the meet, “It was a hard race but definitely successful. I thought I was going to die because of the heat and hills. Now I can’t wait for districts!”

CKS wraps up the 

first nine weeks


Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key school is wrapping up the first nine weeks of the first semester. With volleyball season over and cross country at its end, Cedar Key is ready to journey into the second quarter. 

Winter sports, Fall Festival, the annual Christmas production and first semester exams are yet to come. Cheerleading and basketball will begin in the middle of November with the tip-off tournament in Bronson. 

The Fall Festival will be today with the Christmas production some time before Christmas break. First semester exams will be in January. 

Cedar Key student, Tyler Anderson said, "Cedar Key School has an exciting second quarter to look forward to. I can't wait for basketball and Christmas vacation."


Cedar Key School 

Fall Festival


Shark Correspondent

The event is today from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The sponsors and events will be:

• Pre K - Doing tattoos and halos.

• Kindergarten - Will have fishing grab bags.

• First Grade - Holding the cake walk.

• Second Grade - Doing soda ring toss.

• Third Grade - Having the duck pond.

• Fourth Grade - Doing thumbprints into animals.

• Sixth to Eighth Grade - Middle School- Doing the sweetshop sales.

• Jr. Class - Is selling fried fish dinners.

• Cheerleader - Are selling hotdogs.

• FBLA - Is selling hamburgers.

• FFEA - Doing the balloon darts.

• PTO - Holding the dunking booth.

• Jr. BETA - Taking pictures.

• Sr. BETA - Doing the “Pie in face” toss.

• Ms. Pam - Holding the “Coin in a cup” toss.

The fall festival is open to the whole community; feel free to partake in any activities. Money raised goes to fund the school and clubs. Please come out and show your support!

November Calendar


Shark Correspondent

• Nov. 1—

High-Q vs. Dixie County (Away)

Grade 7  Readi-Step Assessment

• Today—

Cross-country district meet at Oak Hall; Fall Festival, 5:30-7:30

• Friday —Report Cards


High-Q vs. Trenton (Home) Auditorium, 3:15 p.m.; PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m.

• Nov. 11 —No School, Veterans Day

• Nov. 12—

Cross-country regionals at Orlando

Varsity Girls 9:30 a.m, Varsity Boys 9:30 a.m.

• Nov. 15— 

 High-Q vs. Bronson (Home)

• Nov. 16— 

Early release — Noon

• Nov. 19— 

Cross-country state meet at Dade City Varsity Girls 8:30 a.m, Varsity Boys 9:30 a.m.

• Nov. 23-25—

No school, Thanksgiving holidays

• Nov. 28—

FAIR testing begins