Shark News for May 3

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Students rush to defeat end of course exams

Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

Today, Cedar Key High School biology students will be taking the Biology End of Course Exam. The students have been cramming for the past two weeks with the help of Mr. Powers, the science teacher at CKS.
All year, Mr. Powers has been teaching the provided information that will be on the EOC, now it’s time for the student’s to show him what they have learned. Not only will testing be taking part today, but also took part yesterday with Mr. Powers’ third period biology class.
 Biology student Ridley Reynolds said, “I feel pretty confident about the exam. There’s no reason I shouldn’t do well, seeing how we’ve been learning this material all year. Good luck to my fellow peers, let’s ace this test!”

Young Author’s Conference

By Linda Campbell

The 23rd Island City Young Authors’ Conference will take place at Cedar Key School on May 4. Michigan writer Lisa Wheeler will be visiting. Wheeler has written many children’s books, including “Ugly Pie”, “One Dark Night” and “Sailor Moo”.  
During her workshop, she will share her love of writing and the process of publishing a book. Florida storyteller Pat Nease will entertain with her assortment of made-up tales.  Cedar Key elementary students will read their own “published” stories during The Author’s Chair. This year’s conference is sure to be a huge success. Many thanks go out to Harbor Master Suites, Cedar Key PTO and the Delta Kappa Gamma Society for their generous support.

Yearbooks are coming

Whitney Tyler
Shark Correspondent

Yearbooks are coming! All year long, the CKS yearbook staff has been taking a great deal of pictures from volleyball, to basketball, to track and many events inbetween. The staff has been working to make this a successful yearbook.
 The 2011 – 2012 CKS yearbook staff consists of Mikayla Pope, Taryn Epperson, Whitney Tyler, Lauren Bartholemy, Sarah Bartholemy, Montana Beckham, Claire Brown, Stephan Bainbridge and Chloe Reynolds.
On Wednesday, May 9, there will be a “Yearbook Distribution Celebration”, on this day everyone who has paid the full $50 will receive their book and have time to get signatures from classmates. The yearbook staff will also be selling yearbook signature pens $2 apiece. For people who have not bought a yearbook yet, we will have them available at the celebration.
If you have only paid for a percentage of the yearbook cost then please turn in the rest of the amount before purchasing your book on this day. You may send it with your child or you can pay directly in the front office of the school. If you wish to purchase a yearbook please see a listed member above or the yearbooks will be available for purchase in the front office.

Girls vs. boys: basketball style

By Lauren Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

There has always an underlying competiveness between the varsity girls basketball team and the varsity boys basketball team. Small arguments arise: “The boys are so much better than the girls!”
 “Too bad everyone knows the girls are better!”
 On May 10, the girls and boys are going head to head, to determine the best of the best, in a friendly game of basketball. The basketball game will be used for a fundraiser for the varsity girl’s basketball shoes.
  Every year the team purchases matching basketball shoes so everyone will have the proper equipment, and that they will look uniform on the court. Brooke Allen and Lauren Bartholemy have coordinated the game, getting Coach Brad Penny and Coach Biz Paeth to act as referees and even roping the cheerleaders into cheering on last game.  
The girls will be the home team, as the challengers of the basketball game, and the boys will be the visitors. Taryn Epperson, a freshman on the team commented by saying, “We all know that the boys are much better shots, and can be far more aggressive with the basketball, but this will show us and them that we aren’t that far behind them. We will defiantly give them a run for their money. I’m so excited and can’t wait!”  
The game will be May 10 in the school gym, at 6 p.m.

Students excited over
upcoming field day

Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondent

Field day is the Cedar Key student’s chance to have some fun in the sun. Friday, May 25 is jam packed with activities to occupy every Pre-K through fifth grader for the entire day. Field day will include a water balloon toss, long jump, Frisbee throw, clam bag race, obstacle course and a softball throw. Refreshments for parents, teachers and the freshmen helpers will be provided.
The freshmen H.O.P.E class helps Coach Cris put on the day each year by discussing new games and dividing out into groups to tackle the challenges of preparing for the event.
“I’ve been looking forward to being a big kid and helping out with field day since I participated in it in elementary school,” says freshmen and helper Taryn Epperson.
Coach Cris would like the community to know he’s accepting donations for the expenses, if any local business would like to contribute.
         Brooke Allen:
high jump champion

Chloe Reynolds
Shark Correspondent

After an amazing season of personal bests, breaking records and many first place wins, Brooke Allen was as ready as she could be for the state meet on April 27.
Because she pushed herself at every practice to jump her highest, by the time state rolled around, Brooke easily glided her way over the high jump bar into tenth in the state at a height of 5’. With a few skips, a sprint and a powerful leap toward the sky, she was soaring over the bar with form that was just as graceful as any of the top jumpers. Her beautiful jumps at state reflect her success throughout the past year; she was titled Suwannee Champion, Crystal River Champion, County Champion, District Champion and Regional Runner-Up.
Brooke remarked that, “It was a really great experience to go to state and I had hoped to do better, but of course there is always next year. Now that I’ve been, I feel like next year will be awesome.”
Fellow teammate, Sarah Bartholemy said, “I’m so proud of Brooke. This year she really showed the state of Florida who she was. Being a sophomore, Brooke has a lot more time to keep working on high jump, by the time she graduates she should be a state champion.”
Mrs. Cheryl Allen also commented, “I’m extremely proud of her and the support her teammates have given her, following her every single step of the way.”

Teacher Appreciation Week

Taryn Epperson
Shark Correspondent

May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week, students and clubs all around the school will be honoring our Teacher of the Year, Becky Linan, and our ESP of the Year, Elaine Rains, as well as all of the hard-working educators at our school!  Teachers spend countless hours at their desk, grading papers, creating assignments and doing everything teachers do, while holding the responsibility of instilling knowledge into students is no easy task! High school teacher Lauren Adams said, “Teaching is very challenging, but also extremely rewarding! Making a difference in someone’s life is really what it is all about!”

Certified healthy support

Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key School received a certificate of thanks for helping decorate the Office of Food, Nutrition and Wellness halls in Tallahassee. The students were to draw themselves on a poster along with the healthy food they enjoyed to eat. Then mail it to Tallahassee so the posters may be put on display.
Ms. Cheryl Allen received the information about the event and passed it onto Mrs. Sue Penny who notified the students to see who wanted to help. Kindergarten teachers, Kathy McCain and Yvonne Rogers, liked the idea and had their class participate. Holly Bishop from fifth grade learned about it and wanted to help too. Roughly 100 posters were sent to Tallahassee from all over Florida, 16 of those being from Cedar Key School.
Way to go Sharks for being supportive and sending a majority even if we aren’t the largest in size!